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Diaries from the War on Christmas

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It's hard, sometimes, for a grrl to understand why anyone would care at all, what a member of an endemically pederast organization of economically non-contributing mummers in dresses would have to say about...well, anything. And don't let my hatred of the mackerel-snappers* be my only disqualification from polite society; I mock the "once He was a dolphin" followers and "I got bling for four wives" clubmembers too. Basically, I'm just brimming with hatred** for anyone too stupid to understand that religion = highly effective sociopolitical manipulation of the masses by the hypocritical elite. I'm rude like that.

Anyway, Brian is having some fun, and I encourage you to go there and leave some comments, or do so here if you like. Not that you need a refresher on the Wager, but still, an opportunity to have some holiday fun. I always, and only, have one Christman Wish: for people to live in a world where the Glorious Dead, and the Unknowable Divine, are silent and forgotten, for all time.

Just imagine what that would would be like.

Hypocritically, the Dark of the Year is coming, and that has long been one of my favorite festival seasons. People have so many creative traditions to explain this time. I wish they could've remained just pretty stories, instead of foundational narratives upon which to form multigenerational hatreds and long-running oppressions. This xmas, read/give the ones you love some sci-fi; no one has ever launched a crusade based on Butler or Tepper's work, so there's that.

* I blame Stephen King.

** Just using these words made me think of this thread, which in turn made me think of one funny comment about a bag of feces, the limit of a "brim," and English Majors...never mind.

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For awhile now, the light increases. Thank Horus, Mithra, or whomever, or the wobble of the globe as it orbits Sol. All will thank you, equally.

But if there is a God, sign me up for the opposition.

He's totally irresponsible, and needs to be brought down.

But then, there is no evidence of any such thing. We may have souls, but they don't exist after death, except in the things we did and the ideas we act on and propagate in life.

The only good in the universe is the good we do ourselves. Perhaps there are others that feel that way. Maybe if we're lucky the Organians will contact us in 10,000 years or so when we grow up.

But if I meet any greybeard Patriarch after I die, who seems Hell bent on excluding me from His Dominion, there is a particular episode of the Twilight Zone that might serve as a useful guide in the hunt for a good afterlife.

Any Deity that has no room for familiar and allied spirits has no room for me either.

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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he approvingly linked. The Weekly Standard blog just brimmed with digs at liberals, who Anderson says are willing to cut Islam slack but not Catholicism. Shoot, my observation is that most atheists are willing to cut both religions slack, and throw in Mormomism and Christianity for good measure, of only - wait for it - the adherents of those faiths would NOT try to make their faith a basis for laws that apply to ALL of us.

Which is to say, it must have really hurt Anderson to have to be on the same side as the secular left. He took like 3000 words (or more, just guessing) to say that religion in government is a bad thing, and both Huckabee and Romney are witless fools and bad for the nation.

Well, duh.