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Detroit's "Emergency Manager" is a Fascist goon


Detroit’s Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) dictatorship runs the city the way Samuel L. Jackson’s “Stephen” character ran the white man’s plantation in Django. Without warning, and just to let the niggras know who’s boss, Chief Compliance Officer Gary Brown shut off the electricity to much of the public infrastructure in the downtown area on Friday, September 11th – of all days! – stranding numerous frightened people in elevators in 90-degree-plus heat, resulting in a least one injury. Asked why he had given no warning to the thousands affected before pulling the switch, Brown smiled like a bad cop who had just beat the hell out of a street kid (he’s a former deputy chief of police). “We did start calling our customers prior to taking them down and asking them to turn off air conditioners, but they weren't responding as fast as we would like them to so we had to send them a strong message by turning the power off.” Who’s The Man? Me and my boss are The Man!

Yeah, he's black, just like America's First Black Fascist President.

Martin Luther King would be so pleased. Content of their character, and all that. What a Rule #1 violation. And it's not like this won't be coming to a city near you, either.

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Grotesque. Chilling. Thanks again (and again) BAR, and Lambert for re-posting. The words from the mouth of the goon are monstrous.

"Coming soon to a city near you" is correct.

And likely in more variations than one can imagine. We in New York City already got a taste of the Disaster-Kleptocracy Intentional Neglect variation. That was when soon to be ex (officially at least) Mayor Bloomberg leveraged Sandy to achieve results similar to Detroit -- by simply doing nothing (squared, cubed, to the Nth Squared) for the poors living in the most devastated areas (no electricity, heat, windows, elevators, food, for weeks, and weeks and weeks.)