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Detroit water emergency

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This probably will not win a popularity contest, but piped in sanitized water is not free. It costs the water department to pump the water, repair leaks, purify the water, read the meters, etc. It should not be a rip-off system to make capitalists a profit, but it does cost something to provide and those who use it should pay for it. Once used, the sewage also costs to treat and maintain the system.

What I find inexcusable is that non-residential users are not turned off just as quickly as are residential users. The City of Detroit has all kinds of problems, and the destitute undoubtedly need some help, but the water department should not be run as a charity. It makes just as much sense to have a really big rally in front of a grocery store and chant that food is a human right. If you don't like the system, try getting your water from the lake, purify it yourself, and get your food from the garden that you grew. It just isn't free.

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This was a contrived catastrophe. The city sold its water system, the private suppliers jacked up prices so that nobody could pay, and now we are seeing selective enforcement. People are being driven out fo their homes, and selling them for pennies on the dollar. When the developers get critical mass the water will be turned back on, new people will come in and the people who masterminded the catastrophe will declare themselves the saviors of Detroit. And if they get away with it in Detroit they will be bringing this model of manufactured catastrophe to other places.

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RIght out of the playbook.

And of course the golf courses get water. Where are the shock doctrine dudes going to meet, if they can't meet on the golf course? (Which have the handy characteristic of not being wired for sound...)

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...and I agree. Water and sewage are infrastructure and as such should be paid for through taxes. These things should never be allowed to be privatized.
Those who can't afford to support the water and sewage costs, should be given vouchers for as long as necessary.
We've become a mean spirited society devoid of compassion. We're self-destructing, a sure sign of the future coming...