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Detail on the Kentucky Census Worker's death

From TPM, of all places. Read all the way to the end.

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Submitted by dr sardonicus on

Folks in that part of the world just don't like strangers, period, so the motivation for Bill Sparkman's killing may never be known. The region has a long, proud history of distilling and growing illegal stuff, and Sparkman likely stumbled into something he shouldn't have stumbled into. Census workers and other government officials would do good to watch Deliverance as part of their training before being sent into the deep woods.

Submitted by lambert on

(See Majikthise.) A real scourge in the heartland, and you'd think the Dems would have some sort of plan to ameliorate the effects. Of course, black people we just jail....

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Submitted by Aeryl on

I mean last year proved that poor white people(along with fat people, lots of overlap on that one too) are the only people left it's "OK" to hate on.

Now, the eastern part of the state isn't my area of residential expertise, I know the northern and western parts. But, I do know drug crime, and my personal opinion is that this murder was to send a message. So you have to ask yourself who the recipient is. If it's a warning to stay away from the field or factory the victim may have stumbled upon, it's an ineffective one. How is anyone supposed to know where the field is, and then know where to stay away from? The body was found in a state park, so that tells us nothing. It's not unheard of for people to put in fields and factories in secluded park areas, but a Census worker wouldn't be looking for residents to interview in a state park.

Plus, this guy, had been working this area for 5 yrs. Likely, this guy knew where the fields and stills were. If he hadn't turned anyone over before, he likely wouldn't be a threat now. This is highly likely, BTW. This state is steeped in drug culture(marijuana is the biggest cash crop for the state), so many civil workers turn a blind eye to what drugs they find, unless that is what they came looking for.

So, if drugs make little sense, you have to figure that the message is for other "Feds" out there, since that was the one thing added to the scene. And that message jibes perfectly well with the hateful incitement being done by the Beck's and Bachmann's of our discourse.

Submitted by lambert on

Process of elimination!

(My problem is that the people pushing the incitement theory are in the business of pushing that theory. So I want evidence and reasoning. That said, I like your reasoning.)

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I too am tired of the scapegoating of the people of the Appalachians, and I speak as one whose grandparents were second cousins two ways. So get off our case, please, and think before you sling around them thar slurs.

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is one thing, Deliverance references another.

Come all you booze fighters, if you wanna hear
About the kinda booze we sell around here
It's made way back in the swamps and the hills
Where there's plenty of moonshine stills
Where we don't give a damn for the Volstead Law
And for Prohibition we don't care a straw
It's made from barley rye and corn
All bottled up in some barn

Tip up your head and take a little drink
Then for a week you won't be able to think
Next thing you know you'll be feelin kinda tight
Out in the street tryin to raise a fight
Tip up your head and take a little more
Then for a month you'll be feelin kinda sore
And you'll swear you won't drink it any more
But you've said that a thousand times before

One drop'll make a rabbit whip a bull dog
One drop'll make a cat chase a wild hog
Make a bullfrog spit in a black snake's face
Make a hard shell preacher fall from grace

And the lamb'll lay down with the lion
After drinkin this old moonshine