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Destroying the Army to replace it with mercenaries

In comments on Michael Jerkoff's blog (!), dadw5boys writes:

I have to say I am totally disappointed as a disabled vet that our Military could watch the Israeli Army use armoured vehicles for years and not have at least 2,000 armoured vehicles on hand to would protect our soldiers from IEDs.

This one is easy to explain, dadw5boys:

The Bush administration is trying to destroy the regular Army so they can replace it with mercenaries.** That's why the mercenaries got body armor, and you didn't:

[SCAHILL] They've got better equipment than us. They have better body armor. I mean, I talk to these kids. And some of them say, you know, I was in Ramadia at the worst time in 2004. And I never stepped foot in an armored vehicle. And we're bolting steel plates and putting down sand bags on the ground to protect against IEDs. And we know it's not gonna really do anything, but we need it for our psychology. And then, they see the Blackwater guys or others whiz by with their six figure salaries and their bulging arms and their wrap around sunglasses. And they're the ones sort of bossing around military officials. And there's two reactions. They either resent them and they say, what message is my country sending me when I'm sitting over here, forty thousand dollars. My mom's back home trying to raise money to buy me some real body armor.

That's why the Bush administration has never, not once, not ever, congratulated the Moms and Dads, or the Rotaries, or the Town Councils that had to buy their own kids body armor. They don't give a flying Fuck. The people they care about are the ones who want to do business their way, who want to become mercenaries. Everybody else isn't worth investing a dime in, and they can go die.

NOTE ** That way, the mercenaries can give them huge campaign contributions ripped off from the treasury, and Bush can have a private Army with nothing like that pesky chain of commmand or UCMJ, so if he wants to surround Washington, DC, say, when there's concern about the continuity of government, no problemo!

UPDATE A splendid comment from an authoritarian follower, one Frank:

I think it's awesome that some of our leaders are beginning to write blogs. I think that sometimes newspapers don't always give an accurate representation of the news, or they tend to leave out critical things. Keep up the good work! It's nice to have more sources available on any given topic.

"Our leaders." Sigh...

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Raising armies, like possessing weapons of mass destruction is one of those things that should be an exclusive monopoly of the US government. This kind of outsourcing is completely destructive ultimately. The republicans are insane (and irresponsible).

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It has always seemed to my paranoid mind as a good excuse for it.

The ruthless, the killers, the ones who know how to move carefully so the heat moves through them but never happens to them, this is the unnatural selection in Iraq.

The beastial ones with the heart of the werewolf and the mind of the ghoul. These are the ones that flourish, that climb through the ranks, that take advantage of the kind of entrepreneurial environment the Sith Lords have created in Iraq. These are the ones the Company would bring back, as it did Elliot Abrams and Ollie North, to raise high among the Serious and shape the policies of Morgoth on Terra.

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