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Des Moines Register Endorses Single Payer!!!!!!!!!!!

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The time is now: Reform health care

One need only look to history to see that this is the time for such reform. In 1964, the Democrats won control, and the election of Lyndon Johnson was seen as an endorsement of a national health-insurance system.

Congress and Johnson created Medicare. In signing the bill into law, Johnson quoted his predecessor, President Harry Truman: "Millions do not now have protection or security against the economic effects of sickness. The time has arrived for action to help them attain that opportunity and that protection."

Seniors and the disabled got help. Forty-four years later, after election of another presidential candidate who vowed to address health care, it's time for the rest of America to get help, too.

This is HUGE. The Des Moines Register is a huge voice in Iowa and Senator Grassley is on the Senate Finance committee. The is the second newspaper to endorse Medicare for All. Things are moving very fast in our direction.

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and check out what the helena [montana, baucus' home state] independent record says about the baucus plan.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Yes, the Baucus plan has some good aspects. But it seems to bend over backwards to preserve much of the status quo — a status quo that just about everyone agrees is badly broken.

And when it comes to real reforms, like a national health care plan with one payer or one system, Baucus says that is “off the table,” because it’s “not politically feasible.”

Why? We’ll look at that question Tuesday.

i've got the site bookmarked and can hardly wait until tuesday.

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another good quote from the helena ir article --

As I said earlier, it is not a national plan that simplifies things. It takes our fragmented, expensive system — the most expensive in the world, mind you — and plops another mishmash of new rules, regulations and bureaucracy on top of it, all in the name of maintaining the private, for-profit insurance market.

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... would seem to be the appropriate word for the Baucus plan.