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I blame the media

Green Day - American Idiot

The kind of rank corruption, violence, and hysteria of contemporary American society would not be possible if we had an honest news media, or even just a mediocre media. They are enablers, all of them. Read more about I blame the media

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Trump means it

I just despair listening to Sam Seder and reading Matt Taibbi's Twitter feed. Neither one can bring themselves to admit the obvious, Trump is in it to win it. He should be taken at his word. Trump wants to be president. If he wins he will follow through on his promise to create a data base of Muslims, close their mosques, and force them to wear insignia. He will also round up all the Hispanics and deport them. He will also ramp up the wars in the Middle East and South Asia. Read more about Trump means it

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Stasi HR


The modern work environment was already becoming more than a bit Orwellian, with employees being electronically spied on by their bosses to ensure productivity, but now the corporate push for total information awareness of workers is hitting new levels of creepiness.

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Who started the fires in Ferguson


I don't know what to make of this. Could be rumor mongering, or could be real. Judge for yourself.

Who started the fires in Ferguson Read more about Who started the fires in Ferguson

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How to destroy democracy


What is this really about? Charles Pierce:

Today, someone from the chop shop took to the pages of Tiger Beat On The Potomac to make the case that, because politics are icky and people are mean, what the country needs is a bipartisan figurehead about whom we can all feel nicey-nice.

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What Bezos bought

Jeff Jarvis

Newspapers need to gather "small data" about individual users, such as where they live, work, and what their key interests are, to serve people with greater relevance and value, Jarvis said. "I hope that skill -- building profiles and using them to improve relevance -- is the first that Bezos brings to the Post."

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Prism Break

Prism Break - Online privacy tools.
Another useful site: security in-a-box. Read more about Prism Break

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Proto death squads

Corporations are enlisting militias to chase terrorists. Seriously.

And by terrorists we mean environmentalists and protesters.

We are sliding towards fascism. For real. Read more about Proto death squads

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The Unit in My Pants Exploded Prematurely!

My partner was very disappointed, but after reloading we will try again in a half hour.

That model won't train.

Not without "the best educated guesses of smart human analysts". Read more about The Unit in My Pants Exploded Prematurely!

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Tweet of the Day

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Koch brothers financial coup d'etat

Watching the unfolding emergency management tragedy in Michigan, I realized what anti-tax extremism was about. It is much worse than your normal conservative I don't want to pay taxes. By destroying the tax base, the Koch brothers can engineer financial collapse, race in and scoop up all the assets for cheap. It is the blitzkrieg of disaster capitalism. Read more about Koch brothers financial coup d'etat


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