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Stein's ‘Climate Change’ Reality & Responsibility Re Sandy

Last night superstorm Sandy’s ferocious winds found Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein at Boston City Hall plaza making remarks at a vigil during a campaign stop in her own state. How relevant was that! an organization dedicated to find global climate solutions. Today Dr. Stein is scheduled to go to Texas to support the Keystone XL pipeline Tars Sands Blockade. Another pro-environment activist movement. Read below the fold...

Matt Stoller’s ‘Domestic’ Case Against Voting for Obama

Matt Stoller writes in The Progressive Case Against Obama on salon:

Under Bush, economic inequality was bad, as 65 cents of every dollar of income growth went to the top 1 percent. Under Obama, however, that number is 93 cents out of every dollar. That’s right, under Barack Obama there is more economic inequality than under George W. Bush. ... most of this shift happened in 2009-2010, when Democrats controlled Congress. This was not, in other words, the doing of the mean Republican Congress. And it’s not strictly a result of the financial crisis; after all, corporate profits did crash, like housing values did, but they also recovered, while housing values have not.

Read below the fold...

Jill Stein Filed Injunction Against Comm’n on Prez Debates

From Jill Stein’s website:

Last week Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein was arrested, along with VP candidate Cheri Honkala, attempting to get into the presidential debates in Hempstead, New York.  This week her fight continues with a lawsuit filed today [October 22] against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), claiming that the CPD, Democratic National Committee, and Republican National Committee, together with the Federal Election Commission and Lynn University, had deprived her of her constitutional rights to due process, equal protection, and free speech, as well as her statutorily protected civil rights.

snip Read below the fold...

Commander-in-Chef Obama To Serve Boiled Frogs or Lame Duck?


“Wasn’t that awful what happened to Jill Stein?”

It was the first thing I said to my coworker through the wall of our adjoining cubes when I got back to work on Friday night. R___’s a trusted friend and an avid daily reader and watcher and listener of current events, including what I used to consider the “hard stuff”, like the NYT, Atlantic, New Yorker, NewsHour, NPR, etc. I’ll bring up a news tidbit, R__ can not only be counted on to have heard about it, but to fill in the details for me.

R____ is also extremely respectful to me as a Green Party advocate. He is one of my very few coworkers who wouldn’t respond to my question with, “Who the hell is Jill Stein?” Instead, he responded:

“Why? What happened to Jill Stein?”

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Stein Cuffed to Chair 8 Hours for Sitting on Dormant Street


Arturo Garcia in Raw Story describes how Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate, was handcuffed (you know, the plastic ones that sometimes cause nerve damage) to a chair during an 8-hour imprisonment after being arrested trying to gain access to the second presidential debate at Hofstra University on Tuesday night.

Here is a link to the youtube of her act of civil disobedience and arrest. Read below the fold...

BOYCOTT/PROTEST NewsHour's BLACKOUT of 3rd Party Candidates!


I am proposing several actions for citizens troubled by the NewsHour’s blackout of third party candidates. A blackout of the issues of the constituencies of third party candidates.

I propose similarly concerned fellow citizens:

Boycott the PBS NewsHour between October 15th and 19th, 5 broadcast days.

Email a complaint to the NewsHour about the lack of coverage of third party candidates (come on, it will only cost you a few minutes):

Send a U.S. snail mail complaint (again a matter of minutes and a stamp):

MacNeil/Lehrer Productions
2700 South Quincy Street
Arlington, VA 22206

Contact PBS Ombudsman, Michael Getler: Read below the fold...

1st Jewish-American Prez Candidate Stein Calls Out US/Israel

Most people don’t know much about Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, thanks to a corporate-captured media as a propaganda tool of our corporate-captured government.

Interestingly, Jill Stein is the first Jewish American contender for the U.S. Presidency.

Also, interestingly, Jill Stein insists that the United States is complicit “in the ongoing systematic violation of human rights by the Israeli government.” Read below the fold...

Tony Wikrent's picture

Some of the noteworthy econ-finance news of late

Every week there are a number of articles and blogs I would like to comment on, but never do. Here are a few of the most noteworthy from the past two or three weeks.

A tip-o-the-hat to Jesse's Café Américain for posting Financial Fukushima: US Big Bank Derivative Bets Double in Six Years To $236 Trillion, based on a summary of the Sept 2012 report from the Bank for International Settlements, As Stirling Newberry commened about two years ago, all that the Obama administration has really accomplished is to get Wall Street willing to play with itself again.
Read below the fold...

As Criminals Debate ‘We the People’ Beg for Small Change


No one spills out our destructive and self-destructive collective political reality -- moral surreality -- as passionately and penetratingly as Vietnamese American writer Linh Dinh. In his article “Voting For Death”:

America, you have become a nation of enablers and apologists for tyranny and mass murder. ...

... as another joke election nears, they’re [US leading intellectuals] all gung ho about candidates who back illegal wars and banking frauds, since each is supposedly the lesser of two evils.

snip Read below the fold...

Refreshing to Have Jill Stein as a President with Spine!

Jill Stein is a “citizen-politician” who refuses to behave herself.

Dr. Stein refuses to stay in the campaigning bull-shit bubble.

She doesn’t suffer fools or play the crony let’s-screw-the-99% game.

Someone on a website recently called Jill Stein “the best presidential candidate you’ll never hear about”.

Jill Stein is a Boston physician (Harvard educated) and veteran activist and candidate with the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party
. Read below the fold...

9-29-12 Libby’s Political Stew: 5 Quotes Worth Chewing On!


Anne Sewell “Houston Cop Shoots and Kills Double-amputee in Wheelchair”

In an incident outside of a group home in Houston, a police officer shot and killed a wheelchair bound, double-amputee after the man threatened his partner. Unfortunately the object with which the man was threatening the officer's partner turned out to be a pen.

John Garcia is the owner of the home at 4309 Polk where Brian Claunch, a schizophrenic man in his 40's, has been living for the past 18 months with two other men. Garcia has reportedly operated the personal care home for the past eight years.

Read below the fold...

What a Vote for Obama Actually Endorses (Jonathan Turley)

The following are excerpts from an interview of constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley by John Cusack. Turley brings up some profound considerations we as voting citizens should be reckoning with. Read below the fold...

Dem Good Cop vs. Repub Bad Cop Posturing


Patrick Martin of wsws writes:

The opening night of the Democratic National Convention provided a grossly distorted picture of the Obama administration, presenting a right-wing, pro-corporate, anti-working-class government as though it was the second coming of the New Deal.

According to Patrick Martin of wsws the price tag for the US taxpayer is $18 million for this political ritual of the Democratic Convention. But he adds there are “tens of millions more from corporations and banks.” This is only fitting since the Democratic Party is as pro-corporate as the Republican Party.

Martin writes: Read below the fold...

The upcoming dog and pony debates

The next dog and pony is the Dem convention where the platitudes and non-specific proposals will fly fast and furiously across the tv, radio,net, and printed media.
And will change very few peoples perceptions.

And then, just to keep the commoners amused, that will be followed by what is called 'The Presidential Debates'. As someone who took a few course in argumentation, it truly pains me to have these scripted shows be called 'debates'.

AND, neither Dems nor Repubs will speak out about this:

Please Help Green Party’s Jill Stein Get Her First Ad On TV!

There is a corporate media blackout on Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

Of course there is. Jill Stein is the true voice of us 99%ers!

Stein needs donations from the 99%ers to help run her first ad linked below. It's a good one!!!!

This would be chump change for the two legacy corporate-captured political parties but for the Green Party, that has made an oath not to sell out the needs and rights of American citizens to corporations, it is about collecting precious pennies from citizens of conscience. This is particularly challenging for all “concerned” in our economically strapped and terrorized nation. Read below the fold...


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