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Department of Science for Republicans

This is <i>not</i> a general department for scientific topics and discussion. Rather, it shows how science can be used to explain or illuminate Republicans and the Republican <i>weltanschauung</i>.

Science for Republicans!


It turns out evolution happens in real time (as if it would happen in any other kind of time). From the Bradenton Herald (I quote the article almost in its entirety, in case any of the Christianists from Minnesota come back for more):

A new study of lizards in the Bahamas shows that the natural selection pressures that drive evolution can flip-flop faster than previously thought--even in months.

Man, that's even faster than the neo-cons flip-flopped on Iraq! Read more about Science for Republicans!

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Operation Dark Storm

Look, I read and watch too much sci-fi, I admit that. But is anyone else a bit disturbed by this "closed session?" Ahem, some people think Operation Dark Storm would be a very bad idea.

"May there be mercy on Man and Machine for their sins." Read more about Operation Dark Storm

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Republican Science Strikes Again

Chimpy isn't paying attention, again. Looks like he's going to give the Democrats plenty of opportunities to show some spine.
Read more about Republican Science Strikes Again

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All about Eve, etc.

People are writing books that claim there is no God. (via)

As I sit here in this hotel room, I wonder: "Where are the books telling you that there is a God?"

In lieu of such a resource, I hope this blog post will put you on the path to spiritual enlightenment... Read more about All about Eve, etc.

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Wow -- just how crazy are these people?

UPDATE I can't figure out how to embed this video (I pasted the text and everything!) but just follow the link I've provided to Roy Temple's blog to see the video. Sorry!

You've got to check out this "humorous" parody of the Michael J. Fox ad from the "comedian" at Scrappleface: Read more about Wow -- just how crazy are these people?

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Julia (formerly) of the spirits


Last night, Julia Sweeney came to Cambridge, MA for a single performance of her one-woman play, Letting Go of God.

It's a nicely woven autobiographical story of a woman losing her religion. This clip features the first seventeen minutes of the show, from a performance in Monterey, CA earlier this year. Read more about Julia (formerly) of the spirits

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Our Treaty with the Romulans is in Jeopardy!


Wow. Scientists make shit invisible. They're saying they're years off from a workable "cloak" and will need better nanotech, but I bet we'll get there. Science is so cool. Let's bring it back when we've got a Dem majority next year. Read more about Our Treaty with the Romulans is in Jeopardy!

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Ten-Fold Increase in Vet Mental Disorders

You read that right. Ten-fold. If that's not the clearest sign we're losing the war, I don't know what is.
Read more about Ten-Fold Increase in Vet Mental Disorders

Biological Warfare: Public Money, Private Profits, No Results

So the New York Times finally gets around to a story wondering Where's Our Anthrax Vaccine, Huh? Don't bother with the story, it's kinda worthless. But it is accompanied with an interesting graphic which includes a bar chart of how much money has been promised, and paid, to the two companies in this dogfight. Read more about Biological Warfare: Public Money, Private Profits, No Results

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That Was the Sound of Me Falling Over in Shock


Seriously. I think the final sign of the Apocalypse is here:

"When you can say `vaccine' and `prevent cancer' in the same sentence, I just can't see who would be against it," she said. "Surprisingly, a lot of the groups we expected to be opposed to it are not vocally opposing it and I think the reason is, why would you oppose something that prevents cancer?

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Global Climate Change for Poor People


If anything is going to slow China down, it’s going to be shit like this. I was reading somewhere a few weeks back about execs not wanting to live in Hong Kong, for fear of what the air blown from upwind industrial facilities is doing to their kids. The Chinese will have to clean up enough so that their upper-middle classes have a nice patch with sunshine in which they can live. For the Chinese, that will prove a lot of work. Read more about Global Climate Change for Poor People

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As the Junk Piles Up

Fess up, geek. Sometime, somewhere in your life, there was last year's machine, sitting in some closet or basement, gathering dust as you got over your proud (however quiet) assertion in your own mind that you'd "rebuild" or "fix" it. There may even be the Uncorrect among you, who have thrown away computers and parts into improper and illegal dumpsites. Well, time to atone for those sins. Read more about As the Junk Piles Up

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Well, This Can't Be Good


Great Lakes draining away.

A decade of warm winters with sporadic snowfall has failed to refill the snow-dependent Great Lakes, with falling water levels bringing the top ever closer to the bottom in Lakes Michigan and Huron.


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