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Department of No! They Would Never to Do That!

This is ironic; all those things you thought no Republican, let alone a decent American or honest person, would do. Stuff like stealing elections and going to war under false pretences.

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Bush Legacy: Shit All Over


And as alert Commenter Bringiton provides documenting links to Bush's deal to inundate Sierra Blanca with sludge, a worldwide manure dip started when Bush messed with Texas:

Bringiton's Comment:
"George Bush Shit On Texas
And there’s your hook and Google-friendly lede, you’re welcome.
Read below the fold...

Republican Playbook calls for new terror attacks in time for election 2008 (remix)

The Times today:

Undercover Congressional investigators set up a bogus company and obtained a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in March that would have allowed them to buy the radioactive materials needed for a so-called dirty bomb.

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Siegelman Case Update

Josh Marshall at TPM has a nice examination of the Siegelman case here.

However, I still haven't found anyone who has followed up on Scott Horton's contention that Dana Jill Simpson had her house burned down and her car totalled.

Josh, why didn't you say anything about that? Read below the fold...

Coulter from AP: "If I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed ..."

... in a terrorist assassination plot." (AP) [I had to break up the quote between headline and body.]

Nice use of the subjunctive. I can tell Ann's a real writer.

Hey, it's just entertainment! Where's your sense of humor?

NOTE JFK, RFK, MLK... Notice a pattern here?

UPDATE To their credit, AP printed the quote. And then they buried it at the bottom of the story. Why is this not news? Read below the fold...

Bush shows his hand on immigration: His real priority is a National ID card

Buried way down at the end of the AP story, we find this:

Particularly worrisome to supporters, including the Bush administration, is a Bipartisan amendment by Sens. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Max Baucus, D-Mont., that would change the bill's new program for weeding out illegal employees from U.S. workplaces.

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Well, now we know what the authors of Bush v. Gore had in mind

The conservatives had to help Bush steal election 2000 so he could nominate more of their guys so they'd get the votes to start overturning settled law. Of course, Roberts and Alito had to lie about their intentions during their confirmation hearings but heck, they're Republicans, so what did anyone expect? Read below the fold...

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Attempted War

Is there any such charge as Attempted Warmaking? That's the next bunch of subpoenas that I would like to see sent out to the warmongers in the administration.

Continued accusations of Iran's supplying weapons to insurgents went out today, only to be disputed by those in the know. Read below the fold...

E-mails in Court: Houston, We (May) Have a Problem


I nearly put the "" headline on this but decided it's too early. This is a "cloud on the horizon the size of a man's hand" sort of story. I don't know the source but something called "" has a certain impressiveness about it. At least somebody was smart enough to grab a good URL early on. Read below the fold...

Council of Europe: Bush prison camps confirmed in Poland, Rumania, used torture, led to Military Commissions Act

Today's report from the Council of Europe's investigator, former Swiss prosecutor Dick Marty, can be found here, along with a timeline of the investigation, and supporting documentation in the form of flight logs for the "extraordinary renditions" to and from the prisons. Read below the fold...

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Lies About Security

Today there is yet more proof that anything this cabal declares is highly dubious. From a campaign declaring no nation building would be countenanced, to the international disgrace of announcing that WMD's were present although there were not, to invading a country that had not attacked and did not threaten us, to announcing we don't torture because we don't recognize the usual definitions of torture, to intervening in international efforts to combat global warming, this nation has slipped into the role of wayward roguery. We've had the gamut run over us by the White House liars. Read below the fold...

Cheney to bypass Bush, collude with Israel to attack Iran?

The Amazing Froomkin, quoting Steve Clemons:

Clemons writes: "Multiple sources have reported that a senior aide on Vice President Cheney's national security team has been . . . explicitly stating that Vice President Cheney does not support Bush's tack towards Condoleezza Rice's diplomatic efforts and fears that the President is taking diplomacy with Iran too seriously.

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Today's update: Greenburg-Traurig: It's A Law Firm, It's A Lobbyist Shop!

Froomkin, of all people, may have (I'm gonna say inadvertently) buried a lede in his Wednesday column. Quoting an AP piece on the subject of Susan Ralston's Dance of the Seven Veils of Immunity, there is the line
Read below the fold...

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Remember: Al Gore Sold out in 2000

Remember when Al Gore let it ride? Remember when the CBC told him all was Rotten! in Denmark. Remember? Now this. Read below the fold...


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