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Department of Changing the Subject

This for the tactic in the Republican playbbook, not when we change the subject.

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Ron Paul Throws His Hat in the Ring

Jesus I hate the SCLM. This moron is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the press corps here. Ron Paul running for president? No way, Heather! My "college roomate smoked pot with him," and anyway, he's not a "superstar" like my BFF St. Straight Flopper. ...bah. Snark is hard for me today, so instead, I'll remind those towering intellects over at ABC that Mr. Paul has made fools of those who predicted his loss before. Wiki cause I'm too lazy to look all this up myself:

In 1996, Paul was again elected to the House as a Republican. Mainstream Republican Party figures backed the incumbent, Greg Laughlin, a Democratic representative who had switched parties in the wake of the Republican takeover of Congress. Laughlin attempted to portray Paul's views as extreme and eccentric, but Paul won the primary and went on to win the general election.

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Pew: Political Blogging Doubles Since Last Midterm

I'd missed this Pew report from a little while back. It's music to my ears, even if the numbers reflect winger blogs as well as liberal ones. Here are some choice parts:

-31% of Americans used the internet during the 2006 campaign to get
political news and information and discuss the races through email.

-Relatively young broadband users say the internet is a more important
political news source than newspapers.

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I Can't Muster Enough Snark for This

Really, I just can't. As CJill says, "branding isn't a substitute for reality-based foreign policy."

I guess the arrogance still shocks me. It boggles my mind that anyone could think that by placing a story about the rape, torture and murder of innocent civilians in the "business pages" that story is somehow less "impactful" and forgettable. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems to me that people tend to remember that kind of horror, no matter how many Disney movies they see. Read more about I Can't Muster Enough Snark for This

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Misogynist of the Day


Oh ye of little faith. Thinkest thou that thine tasks set before thee surpass thy merit? Nay. Seek, and ye shall find, ask and ye shall receive:
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Have you stopped beating your wife yet?

So, out of left-field, a Fox-news watching software engineer I work with says: "Can I ask you a political question? How do you feel about the money the US gives to the UN being used to support terrorists?" Read more about Have you stopped beating your wife yet?

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Your Homework Assignment: Kill This Meme

Chris (and in an embedded link, Sirota) knocks one out of the park. Simple question for you: when was the last time someone in your life, while discussing politics, said, "Gosh, I wish Democrats could be more bipartisan. It's the biggest problem facing America today." Exactly. Nice work, Chris. This is so simple even the Beltway 500 will perceive that we see their lack of clothes. Read more about Your Homework Assignment: Kill This Meme

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What are you optimistic about?

To make up for my recent crankyness, here's 160 of "the world's leading thinkers" who are optimistic about something. Happy New Year. (Via Memorandum)

Now here's some Country Wisdom from my friend Mr. Bird:

What's the definition of an optimist?

Show them a room full of shit and they'll ask: "Where's the Pony?"

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A Question for You

Vastleft's comment downstairs made me wonder-

Who is more likely to be President of the US first: a woman, a black man, or a single Jewish guy? As you answer, tell me why you think your choice is the right one.

sob Come back, Russ! If it's the Time of the Other, you're the one I'd pick. You earned my undying loyalty when you met, in person, with Brad

. Read more about A Question for You

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How Many Ways to Skin a Cat?

Here is a useful discussion that drives home a couple points I like to make whenever we discuss what "our options" are in Iraq, and in dealing with emerging Islamic powers around the world. Here is a sample, I encourge you to read the whole thing:
Read more about How Many Ways to Skin a Cat?

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Rethinking the South, Again

This is one of several pieces I've read recently that have some bad news for people like me and Mr. Schaller, as we argue for the "new coalition" of states and seats that will bring Democratic majorities to Congress:
Read more about Rethinking the South, Again

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Cheap, Pure, Deadly: The Other War Continues

Here is a good short discussion about our continuing failure in the "war on drugs." The money quote:
Read more about Cheap, Pure, Deadly: The Other War Continues

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Latin American Union

When it comes to rhetoric, he totally kicks my ass. Still, he's smart, he pays attention, and he reminds us why we need to keep an eye on all those little corners of the blogosphere in which real news and useful information may be found. Such as this:
Read more about Latin American Union

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Culture is So Cool


I've got a guest in town, so light blogging for a couple of days. But I wanted to tell everyone to go to the National Galleries when you have the chance. To my shame, every time I came to DC before moving here, I was always too busy with protests and parties to take in any culture. Read more about Culture is So Cool

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Democrats and Racism

You probably know how I much I dig Tom Schaller, and his most recently discussion with the FDL gang just shows how much cool, class and intellect he's got. I can hardly believe such a lucid mind is employed by the Academe /I keed, I keed/. Read more about Democrats and Racism

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Iranian Election Update


Sean-Paul has got the goods. He's the expert when it comes to Iran; I don't claim to know too much about internal Iranian politics, but from what I can tell from his post and links, the results are a "mixed bag." I hope the Iranian people can find what they're looking for in their newest elected officials, and I'm glad that at least some reformers and "progressives" were both allowed to run, and victorious. Read more about Iranian Election Update


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