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Go read AllentownJake.

Seriously, when your entire ideological stance is government can be utilized to do good things, and than you bash the notion of a government plan for health care, something every other country in the world does and embrace private insurance, you beat yourself.

Honestly, that is your entire party's defense for existing. Government can help people. The GOP has the other stance, government hurts people.

Every single fucking action you've taken since taking office in 2009 has reinforced every single GOP talking point on government action.

Alas, the Dems' putative raison d'être is just a ghost of a stance, and the Dems don't seem to fear being "beaten," because all Serious People go to sinecure heaven.

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1000pts. for bringing up the boardroom/lobbyist sinecures (which flow from the unpaid internships of elected office). The two-party system isn't only just a duopoly of neoliberal ideology, it is also a system of allocating sinecures.

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She has part of a piece by Kevin Baker from a subscription only article in Harper's about the sad state of liberalism in today's Democratic Party.

From The vanishing liberal: How the left learned to be helpless

Obama—like most Democratic leaders—concedes that the way of the world is wrong but tells us why it must stay that way because, some time in the past, powerful interests decreed it so.


Coming to power when he did, with the political skills and the majorities he possesses, Barack Obama squandered an almost unprecedented opportunity. But it is increasingly clear that he never intended to challenge the power structure he had so skillfully penetrated. With the recent Supreme Court ruling that corporations are, once more, people, American democracy has snapped shut again—the great, forced opening of the past 130 years has ended. There is no longer any meaningful reformist impulse left in our politics. The idea of modern American liberalism has vanished among our elite, and simply voting for one man or supporting one of the two major parties will not restore it. The work will have to be done from the ground up, and it will have to be done by us.
(Bolding in Susie's quotes)

Read it, just read it.