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Denver pre-Meetup Reading list

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I know, we have less than two weeks so deep reading probably isn't going to happen, especially if you're a slow reader like me and read several books at the same time making finishing even slower. But what books or articles do you find indispensable or think might be relevant to where we are in this country and world? Fiction counts too, ya know--even if its just a distraction. (NOTE: Please don't construe this as a means to dictate discussion, more so as a way to get an idea of where I, and hopefully others, are coming from.)

If I had to make a reading list, I'd probably choose the following:

  • Theory of Justice and Political Liberalism by John Rawls. I'm big on Rawls because I'm stuck in the crusty old Kantian world of looking for imperatives, categorical or otherwise. I think its the scientist in me.
  • The Subjugation of Women by John Stewart Mill. For some reason this one strikes me as at least as significant as his On Liberty. Back then, discussing liberty and the limits of government was common in so far as it related to men, often handsomely propertied men. Women took the backseat, as usual. JS Mill was pretty brave in this one.
  • The Bible and The Koran. I mention this because I've just started reading The Battle for God by Karen Armstrong, which chronicles the rise of fundamentalism in the big three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam).
  • Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. A lot of fucked up shit is happening and its important to realize that it can be hard to keep things straight.

I can't think of a single reference for it, but I'd also recommend (as I almost always do) spending some time looking at the history of the United Farm Workers and how they had to organize because I think its quite relevant to where many of us are today.

What reading material will give the rest of us a clue as to where you approach our current situation?

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...on at least one of your recommendations before the 30th.

I would also add to the list: anything posted by letsgetidone in recent's some help getting those:

I am also looking for another series of posts about "organizing" that I recently read (not about the UFW) and will link to it as soon as I find it.

Thank you for your input. I am not a scientist by any means so appreciate you directing our attention to the things you like/think are meaningful.

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Not a book, but a cute movie. Mostly to remind us all that so much of what we see going on isn't a "cute" little bug, but a feature of the Democratic Party in the "age of Obama".

I generally avoid heated political discussions these days, but I try to consistenly point out that Dems could have done some good if they wanted to: >60 Senate seats (for a time), huge House majority, and the White House with the best orator evah!

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Thank you very much for honoring my work by recommending it as something that should be read in preparation for the Corrente Denver meeting. I hope it adds value to your discussions. I wish I could attend, but Denver is a bit far away for me, I'm afraid. In any case, I wish my fellow Correntians great success with this event. If I can do anything to help out from a distance, please let me know.

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I'm just sorry I'll be missing this. I live in Boulder, but I'll be out of town then.

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please come join the group.

Also, if you have friends in the area who you think might enjoy the evening, please let them know about it.