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Denver Meetup - Reminder

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[I'm stickying this -- and hijacking coyotecreek's post! -- because I've been remiss in pushing the other meetups (see links in middle sidebar; I can only plead that the Fiscal Sustainability effort took my energy). That said, I'd still love to have a MeetUp in Philly (Manhattanites welcome), though I'm thinking the equinox is too soon, and IIRC, MsExPat won't be back in the states 'til July. And it would certainly seem strange if a DC contingent didn't organize. So, maybe we can reboot those, and possibly other efforts in this thread. Thanks! --lambert]

It's time to put this on your calendars:

An evening of getting-to-know-you (no plastic glasses with fake noses and mustaches allowed), venting, discussing, planning, eating and, if you're so inclined, drinking.

A location - probably near the University of Denver area - will be selected.

So if you live in Denver, will be in Denver, or can get to Denver...mark it on your calendar and let us know if you will be there. July 30th. 5 PM to 10 PM

You can e-mail me at Please put DENVER MEETUP in the subject line and I will be in touch and keep others informed.
If enough people are interested, more events can be planned around the July 30th date and plenty of Denver information provided.

Denver is gorgeous in the Summer (well, all of the time, actually). Hope to see you there.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

and will take photos (if OK).

Just bought a new camera so everyone will look gorgeous!

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Submitted by cellocat on

I tried to arrange my family's travel to fit this meetup, but will be leaving for St. Louis on the 30th. Any chance anyone wants to get together on the 29th?

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

We can add a mini-meetup on the 29th.

I am going to Denver just for the meetup and will have loads of time.

ANYONE ELSE CAN'T MAKE THE 30TH but might be able to do lunch on the 29th?

Never let it be said that we aren't flexible.

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Submitted by cellocat on

I'd be really bummed to miss this. We're coming from Seattle to Denver so I can be at the meetup (and to see other friends). And if everyone can do the 29th, that's even better. Online is good, but a sense of community in person is even better, when one feels so far outside the bounds of more common viewpoints.

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Submitted by madamab on

Ironically, my boss has decided we all have to go to Philly the week after the Equinox! And no offense, but two weekends in a row in Philly are not appealing to a Manhattanite who doesn't have a car. :-p

I am all for a reboot. I could do DC as well - have a dear friend who lives there, whom I haven't seen in ages.

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Submitted by illusionofjoy on

I've always liked the fall better anyhow and if it's a reboot we're to go for, why not when the leaves are changing colours? Besides, it'll be much more agreeable, temperature-wise (he said, looking crestfallen toward his poor little air conditioner as it struggled to battle to the 80 degree temperature, beads of perspiration dripping from his brow as he merely typed).

Submitted by lambert on

I'm trying to bookstrap. Who knew that Denver would be ahead of all of us?

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

...well enough to extend an invitation to the Denver Meetup? I remember someone saying she's from Denver and might like to meet some Correntians.


Submitted by hipparchia on

i'm not going to be able to make it to denver myself, but i'll happily extend invitations to anybody you want! :-)

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

If anyone knows of someone in the Denver area, please extend the invitation to join us.

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Submitted by caseyOR on

I am so very out of touch on the whole meet-up front. And I apologize. Is there a Portland and/or Seattle meet-up scheduled? Is anybody interested?

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Submitted by cellocat on

and can make it most, but not all, weekends. August or September in Seattle?