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Dems & Dyke Kiss, Make Up in Alabama

Don't know how many people have been following this case; I thought I posted on it last week but apparently left it in a comment. My bad. Anyway, I'd rather frontpage good news than bad, even if this good is just a correction of a previous bad. From the AL news roundup:

Openly gay Patricia Todd was reinstated Saturday as the Democratic Party's nominee for a seat in the Alabama Legislature.

It must be admitted, sigh, that the problem was apparently a racial one (Todd is white) rather than sexual orientation. In a relentless mood of optimism I choose to look at even this as a good thing. Can you imagine a Republican state party having so many black members that a fight like this could break out?

Big tents are easier to get messy. I'd still rather have one than the kind of high-gated, ID checking, admission-only-for-the-rich, security by Blackwater, undisclosed location gathering place used by our opposition. Where black and brown folks are trotted out on occasional display after the other Dancing Bear acts, and otherwise confined to menial labor and cleaning up after the orgy.

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