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Dems and "progressives" to adults with pre-existing conditions: Try not to die 'til 2014!

Intellectually dishonest career "progressives" -- sorry for the redundancy -- have been pushing the talking point that Obama's big shit sausage solved the pre-existing conditions problem in posts and on various comment threads. Well, sure, it does. Just not for adults. Susie has the predictably disgusting details:

Q First, earlier this week — sorry, I have two questions. First, earlier this week, both Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore pointed out that the preexisting condition provision of the legislation doesn’t take effect for another four years, and I’m wondering if you could tell us, was that a concession, and if so, who fought for that and what did they — what did you get in return?

MR. GIBBS: There is –

Q For adults, that is.

MR. GIBBS: Right. Well, again, the — as I described earlier and as the President has described, there are certain things that cannot be instituted until you have everyone in the system. Obviously this is a piece of legislation that phases in over the course of many years those changes. And as a result of that phasing in, when that’s done, preexisting conditions for adults will be outlawed. But understand this — when this becomes law, an insurance company will no longer be able to discriminate against a child that has — that they believe or says that has a preexisting condition.

Q That’s on day one.

MR. GIBBS: Right.

Q Children. And so it’s pegged to the mandate then, is that fair to say?


Notice that Ari Gibbs doesn't even bother to answer the question of what Obama "fought for." Except bailing out the insurance companies, of course.

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Submitted by texaslaborleftie on

Fixed it ---> Dems and "progressives" to adults with pre-existing conditions: Die Now!

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Submitted by a little night ... on

I haven't looked at what being put forth this time, (I have been SERIOUSLY ill, ironically) but I bet it's got Electronic Medical Records in it. That's the most important thing, doncha know. Transformational.

Submitted by windy on

Aren't most children covered through a parent's or a family plan? How is this supposed to work in practice, would it only apply to private individual child health insurance plans?

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Submitted by Fredster on

We will be able to get into the really nifty high-risk pools with our pre-existing conditions. I assume that will come with correspondingly high-risk premiums to boot.