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Democrats run a private equity guy against Pat Roberts in Kansas

And by "run," I mean they threw the regular under the bus because they thought the private equity guy, an independent, has a better chance of winning. Yeah, Roberts, I know, but doesn't it look like if the Democrats can't find a vet, they'll settle for a bankster?

Isn't the financialization of the Democrats getting a wee bit too obvious? Reminds me of the time the Democrats ran former Bank of America VP Alex Sink for the House against a mediocre Republican candidate in Florida, epicenter of the foreclosure crisis. Oh well.

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And the Dems here are really pushing us to vote for him. But, the ads he ran all summer were so mysterious and creepy, I can't imagine it. But, Roberts. (sigh) I really don't know. they're both heavily icky to me.

Why am I always expected to choose between bad and worse. Without any real way to know which is which.

I used to be Wildly Committed to a Majority Democratic Senate. But, now? I don't know. I really don't. I guess I've got a few weeks to decide.

The ads slamming Paul Davis (Dem for Governor) for being an "Obama Liberal" make me laugh and laugh. I think he DOES think of himself as a liberal. But, he's been committed to Obama since at least 2007. So that's weird for me.

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KB, here's a piece that flat out states that the strategy of the Roberts campaign is to portray Orman as "as liberal."

Amid GOP fears, Kansas senator's campaign reboots


Associated Press/September 9, 2014

. . . As if to make the point that the gloves are off now, new campaign manager Corry Bliss, who replaced Roberts' longtime campaign chief Leroy Towns, said in an interview with The Associated Press that Roberts' campaign planned to portray challenger Greg Orman "as a dishonest, flip-flopping liberal Democrat masquerading as an independent."

Roberts, seeking a fourth term in Republican-dominated Kansas, was surprised by the decision last week of Democratic candidate Chad Taylor — nudged by Democrats in Washington — to quit the race.

The move appeared designed to bolster the campaign of Orman, a wealthy businessman from suburban Kansas City running as an independent.

I guess time will tell.

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(I believe her name is Colleen McCain Nelson, and that she is with the Wall Street Journal) who says Senator Roberts has "residency" perception problems (stays in Alexandria, VA all the time, instead of Kansas.)

But that Orman has potential problems, too.

He was a Republican for years, changed parties (to Democrat) and ran briefly against Roberts in 2008. Obviously, currently running as an Independent.

Orman refuses to declare who he will caucus with (my bet is on Dems--why else would the Washington Dem Leadership have forced Democratic candidate Chad Taylor out of the race?).

But, guess that's technically still unknown.

Also, Orman has not been well vetted, and has business associations who were jailed on some type of securities fraud. (his business dealings are expansive, obviously)

Just happened to hear this after I posted the comment above.

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they attempted to do in FL--force out the Democratic Party candidate, in favor of the Independent "No Labeler."

I believe that Orman is a No Labeler because of the language used on his web site-- which is straight out of the No Labeler handbook. (but I don't have absolute proof)

From time to time, I see progressive bloggers take on the MayDay PAC for throwing a bunch of their money behind very conservative candidates. MayDay PAC's strategy always seemed very odd to us

From Orman's website:

“I believe the only way we can get Congress back to working again is to cast off partisan labels and preconceived notions and focus on problem solving,” Orman exclaimed.

“I believe we need to reject the notion that there are only two solutions to every problem. We need to reject the notion that for America to win, one party must fail.

We need to reject the zero sum politics of today and return to a time when leadership trumped ideology.”

It would be a tough decision. After all, considering Roberts' age, he might not even run after this cycle. But when I Googled the venture capitalist, Orman, I "believe" that he's only 45 years old, so he may have a good 30-40 plus years left in him, LOL!

Some choice, huh?

I think I heard that the Court ruled in favor of Orman, regarding Taylor dropping out of the race.

Good luck.

It's just one of several sorta messed up races--with choices mostly between "bad and badder."