If you have "no place to go," come here!

Democrats now open about their strategic hate management: They're merchandising it!

They opened their store. (I mean their online, consumer-store.) So here we are:

What could go wrong?

The thing is, I don't hate the Tea Party. Without the guys with beards in the woods, we never would have stopped the East-West Corridor, and the landfill would be much larger than it is. And the Democrats haven't done squat on the Highway, and gave us the landfill, through corrupt dealings.

"Hate," to me, is when I wake up in the morning thinking about how I can harm the object of my hate, and yes, I have done that. (It's the opposite of waking up in the morning wondering what to do for the one I love, and the two are not compatible; it's one or the other.) So I should, perhaps, not use the word "hate" lightly, as I did here.

I just don't see how a message of hate -- even a putatively light-hearted one on a travel tumbler -- can ever lead to good.

NOTE It's as if we develop bodies of hate like oil fields or something. Once a body of hate is created, it continues to exist, and value can be extracted from it, no matter by whom. So for example the body of anti-Clinton hate created by Republican strategic hate management when they impeached Bill Clinton in 2009 was appropriated by Obama's faction of Democrats in 2008, and used very effectively against both Hillary and Bill.

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I love the Left one only I'll try and buy it from someone that means it. Then again is this all made in China or Union Labor here in Amerika?

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but those who used it just sounded so very stupid. I don't think that their messengers helped their cause.

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So, I'm sick in bed today, following links all over the place. Somehow I got into a diary on DK, a place I normally avoid like the plague now, by DallasDoc which more or less read them the riot act: told them in no uncertain terms that they had no one to blame anymore for Democratic losses but themselves.

I always liked him! He really knows how to turn a phrase.