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Democrats give AIPAC a reacharound, declare Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel

Do the Yes's sound louder than the No's to you?

Anyhow, now the Ds just declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel in their platform. That should go over large in the Middle East. Listen:

Ha ha. Scummy Democrats can't even follow rules on a voice vote. Shades of the Rules and Bylaws Committee.

Note OH's Ted Strickland introducing the resolution in his capacity as a Methodist minister, because what's more important? Not tossing a match on Middle East gasoline, or -- sucking up to the evangelicals in swing state OH?

Also too AIPAC.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

calls for the status of Jerusalem to be settled by negotiation. So I guess the DNC does not think that treaty obligations matter. Also the Arab vote does not matter. I guess no one explained to Axelrod & Co about the Arab vote in Northern Virginia and its influence in changing Virginia from R to D.

But really to do something this serious to reach out to a bunch of right wing Christians. Really.

We have the same relationship with Israel that Tsarist Russia had with Serbia. It will not end well.

Submitted by Hugh on

Everyone made fun of those crazy Republicans and how they bent and twisted the rules to shut out the Ron Paul delegates, and here we see the Democrats doing the same thing.

This may seem trivial but it is part of a larger pattern where the powers that be are increasingly open in their flouting of rules and laws. Hannah Arendt did not phrase it this way, but she recognized that in totalitarian systems there were forms (laws, rules, etc.) and substance (power and the agenda of those with the power). In a totalitarian system, rules are quite literally for the rubes. They can not apply to the totalitarian masters because no matter how perverted and deformed the rules may have become they act as a restraint on power and hence serve as a basis to challenge totalitarian authority.

Kleptocracy is a form of what Sheldon Wolin describes as inverted totalitarianism or totalitarianism for capitalists, or more precisely for rentiers. Habeas corpus, the Bill of Rights, the executive, legislative, and judicial processes, the parties and the political process itself, all are devolving into form while the substance of power is exercised more nakedly, more often, and in more and more contexts.

As Arendt noted, totalitarian movements in their march to power maintain levels of normalcy so as not to be rejected and swept away by the public, but these are increasingly dispensed with the closer the movement comes to power.

Sort of far afield for a comment about the Democrats ignoring their own convention rules to pander and declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and include this as a plank in a platform which Obama will largely ignore as he did the last one in 2008.

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There comes that moment when you realize it is all a farce. You are told over and over again how important you are to the Democratic Party and the democratic process. But the veil soon becomes lifted and something like this vote shocks some and leads to leaving the party after a few more futile attempts to "change it from within". You go from up and coming party favorite to someone that can't be trusted to tow the line. You push back. They push back. You quit. But there are always more to fill the void.

Yes, Wolin is dead on. This is inverted totalitarianism. This is where a book like "The Hunger Games" comes from.

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20 years from now, I won't remember what the speakers said, or what kind of dress Michelle wore, but I'll never forget the fraudulent vote on God and Jerusalem.

It was a turning point for me.

I knew this sort of sleazy deal making used to go on in smoke filled rooms, but to see it with my own eyes, and hear it with my own ears, was surreal and nauseating.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Because we all know how slavishly either party adheres to this vitally important document.

Fucking what fucking ever.

What a steaming load of complety useless, irrelevant crap. From the cynical, faux "gotcha" by the right-wing which started it, to the cynical, pandering, pre-ordained result (ordained by a minister even, coincidence? I think not!) faux-kabuki "vote" that included it in this most holy of proclamations. Crap, crap, crap from start to irrelevant finish.

Or, as Lou Reed said: "you give me an issue, I'll give you a tissue. You can wipe my ass with it".

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That is stunning. My heart is with the woman stuck holding the Arab American Democrat sign who the camera kept going back to - you could just see on her face the awful realization of being stuck in the Veal Pen.

I wish I hadn't seen this, but I'm grateful for the reminder of how bankrupt the two-party charade is.