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Democrats and the Dartmouth Atlas

I'm still pulling my thoughts together on this, but if you'd like to do some homework ahead of time,

An Agenda for Change
Improving Quality and Curbing Health Care Spending:Opportunities for the Congress and the Obama Administration

is a good primer on the Dartmouth Atlas Project's mission, and the source of some of the Democrats' talking points, especially the ones about reining in those out-of-control Medicare costs and how if we Americans would just go quietly to our ice floes use less health care, we'd all be happier, healthier, and wealthier.

There are some other goodies in there too, about coordinated care, and electronic records, and pay for performance [though I don't think they actually use the term "pay for performance" here].

Meanwhile, if you like interactive timewasters on the web [I adore them], here's a good place to start with the Dartmouth Atlas database.

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