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Dem leadership backs health insurance reforms that still mean thousands of preventable deaths each year


We’re not talking about a third world country. This is the United States, one of the most industrialized nations in the world. But increasingly, we look more like a developing country — 42nd in the world for life expectancy (behind Japan and most of Europe), and ranked last among 19 OECD countries in preventable deaths that should not occur in the presence of timely and effective health care.

Meanwhile, the charade goes on, as our elected representatives in Congress dither over health care reform. None of the bills in Congress will resolve the affordability and access problems.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the House health reform bill would still leave 17 million persons uninsured and that Sen. Baucus’ bill, unveiled yesterday, would leave 25 million uninsured. That translates into tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year.

But what's a death every 12 minutes when we can be discussing process?

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