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It's very "funny," and worth regular and front page blog posts on "liberal" blogs, to talk about Republican candidates who come in last, next to last, or nearly last. These same candidates get all kinds of free coverage from the media outlets the liberal blogosphere is supposed to "balance." They also have plenty of money to purchase their own ads, money raised from rich people and big corporations and the avowed enemies of the liberal blogosphere.

It's not funny, or worth any regular or front page blog posts, to talk about progressive Democratic candidates who finish just behind the "two front runners," or way behind, or even second in some races. These candidates have little money with which to buy ad time, and are constantly shut out of the primary process by way of lawsuits, media blackouts, and fact-free misrepresentation by the SCLM. They are at the same time closest in policy, voting records, and speech to the "liberal blogosphere."


Big Orange makes a related point. Kudos, Markos. I don't often tell you that, but I will today.

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It's horrible to see Edwards go down.

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No matter who is president, no matter who is in Congress, it will never get any easier to be a progressive. It will however be, I think, easier to get things done if we have people in high office who believe that we must change for the better, or we will surely change for the worse.

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heh, as i like to say, liberty: it's always a good time for a discussion on drug policy reform. or it's always a good time to speak about gay marriage. *always.*

that is: could it be worse? could we have fewer rights? sure, yes, technically we could, but polemically and even "historically" what i mean to say is: could any more people be opposed to my views? hehe, the answer is "no." and over my lifetime, the answer has increasingly been, "nope, suckers, you've lost this battle and you're about to lose the war."

bring it on. the young are with me, the old are dying. sorry to be so blunt. you say: there will always be a fight. i say: as a former Winner and Champion, there will always be a loser. the fun part is understanding and predicting "when" and "who" in that last part, no?