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Debt Refugees

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If I were a new graduate with $100,000 worth of debt and no prospects, I would skip across the border and start a new life.

So, do we know of anyone doing that? It is distinctly the obvious thing to do.

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I have a pal who is currently writing a guidebook about how to do just this!

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Submitted by Alexa on

A new veterinarian with our "backup" vet, did just that.

He obtained his DVM at a university in Saint Kits (Caribbean Island), and did his "clinicals" at a major US Veterinarian School.

Supposedly cost a LOT LESS than the same curriculum/degree would have in the US.

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The only problem is that other countries don't want unemployed Americans any more than we want them.

And, SURPRISE! Most college degrees don't actually prepare you to do anything useful that another country would want!

Nurses maybe. That's about it.

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have any intention of "living" in Saint Kits--just getting a much cheaper education.

Numerous countries are "promoting" this practice, from what I've been told. They know how astronomical education has become here.

And for all the "talking points" and hand-wringing that Dem pols do--Kabuki Theater--I truly don't believe that they plan to do anything (of substance) about the problem.

It's part of the neoliberal "plan" that we're seeing unfold now, IMO.

If only a small number of the population is educated and/or have anything beyond subsistence level, it is obviously much easier for the "elites" to maintain control.

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How do you get around not using credit cards for plane travel etc.? What about banking?

As long as banks offshore profits from student loans to avoid paying taxes, I don't see any problem offshoring yourself to avoid paying student loans.