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Debt ceiling follies

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Marshall Auerbach

Pat Toomey has called the Democrats’ bluff by indicating that a failure to extend the debt ceiling does not automatically mean a default. He is making the point that because debt payments are an executive priority, and tax receipts are more than sufficient for interest payments, the government can continue to make them to bondholders. It will simply mean shutting down other parts of the government to offset those payments.

The obvious thing to do would be to shut down the Congressional payroll to show these blowhards that there are consequences for their misconduct.

But if the Democrats cared they would have raised the debt ceiling back in December when they had their majorities. They failed to do so precisely so that they could let the Republicans do their dirty work for them. They are kleptocrats.

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...that shutting off the utilities, janitorial service, and police services to the Capitol would be a good place to start.