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Dean talks sense, then makes a Sherman statement

Howard Dean on Meet the Press. Sure, the 50-state strategy was and is great, particularly since it sucked money away from Beltway so-called "Democratic strategists" but unless you think being a Democrat is good in itself -- granted, some do -- then you've got to talk policy, too:

[HOWARD DEAN: It was message. Sure, it was an off year, and we can make all these excuses. But the fact is, we have never been able to, and even through the days of the 50-state strategy and, you know, taking over the House, the Senate, and the president in four years, when I was running the DNC, I could never get the Washington Democrats to stay on message. The Republican message was, "We're not Obama." No substance whatsoever. "We're not Obama." What was the Democrats' message? "Oh, well, we're really not either." You cannot win if you are afraid.

CHUCK TODD: Did you use that voice too? I mean, is that--

DEAN: It felt like it. Where the hell is the Democratic party? You've got to stand for something if you want to win. ....

DEAN: We ought to be debating the fact that corporations are now controlling not only the Republican party, but the government of the United States. We ought to be debating the fact that the Supreme Court has deviated from the constitution on numerous occasions. I still have yet to find where the constitution says a corporation is a person. So there's a tremendous amount of debate here to be had. And those are the things our party needs to stand for.

Not hearing that from a lot of Democratic contenders. And now comes the Sherman statement:

CHUCK TODD: Are you going to be part of that debate? Or are you done with presidential politics?

HOWARD DEAN: Am I running for president?


HOWARD DEAN: No. I'm supporting Hillary Clinton.

Oh well! I'm sure that conversation debate is one Hillary Clinton is anxious to have! Not.

Jeebus, the Democrats ran Kerry instead, who rolled over when Bush stole an election a second time, in Ohio. And I hate even to think we dodged a bullet with Bush, but looking at Kerry's performance as Secretary of State...

I guess I've still got a soft spot for Howard Dean, I confess it. Probably if I research him I'll find out he's as horrible as the rest, but since he doesn't want to be President, that almost qualifies him, doesn't it?

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Submitted by flora on

Poor Howard... he rails at Gruber, says the Dems need to get their message out, and then supports Clinton. Neo-liberal, laissez faire, corporate controlled Clinton: a DLC Dem who doesn't believe in using government power as a counter balance to excessive Wall St bank power. Maybe that is the Dem party message: talk populist but act corporate. Gruber is a perfect example of that. I liked Howard when he ran. What happened to him?

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Submitted by Alexa on

or at least, his so-called liberalism sure as heck was.

If I had heard Dean say a fraction of what he's been saying since PBO has been in office--going along with the ACA, etc.--I wouldn't have supported him--that's for sure!

I even wonder now if he would have actually been against the Iraq war, LOL!

In all seriousness, we were given a phony choice--like we were given when Gore ran, and Bradley (cough, cough!--Mr Investment Banker himself, or financier, or whatever hedge fund manager--all of the above, I believe) was bestowed the title of "liberal" by the lamestream media--and yes, I agree with Palin on that term, LOL!.


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Submitted by paintedjaguar on

Glad someone else still remembers Ohio in 2004. I'm constantly feeling like I've fallen into some kind of warped time-space... or into Orwell's 1984...
Every time I hear someone talking about how W was elected President... twice!
Or about how Obama finally gave us universal healthcare.
Or about... well never mind, I could go on all night -- you get my drift.