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Dealing drugs is the perfect curriculum for the children of our ruling elite

It's not productive, it's all based on personal connections, it's illegal, and if you're elite, you never get caught. But they don't call themselves "dealers." They call themselves "brokers." Perfect.

And a college curriculum is very hard to change. As long as keeping drugs illegal serves such a useful purpose -- training wheels for Our Betters, as it were -- it's hard to see how they'll ever get legalized. And keeping the niggers and rednecks locked up is a two-fer.

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have done cocaine and that alone has put a lot of people in jail. Even though one is a black man, he's a black man who went to private school and decent colleges not one of the poor folks who are easy for law enforcement to catch. Yet, both men had no problem presiding over a DOJ that puts people who did the exact same thing they did in jail for quite awhile. Not as long as dealers, but still.

And, of course, Bill Clinton did at least marijuana. Whether he did it in this country or not, he was still also willing to preside over a DOJ who arrested people for selling it and can and sometimes does arrest users (although that's much more rare federally, they usually leave marijuana users to the states).

Felonies really trash your life and some people get them for using and dealing drugs and some people don't. A lot of it is luck and a lot of it is economic and social class. Hell, so many people have done drugs, having done them doesn't prevent you from getting a job with DEA (depending on the amount, the frequency, and how long ago you did the drugs).

It's the opposite, IMO, of justice.

And, btw, the fastest way to decriminalizing at least some drugs would be to start giving all of these rich kids - dealers and users - felony convictions. Do a couple of drug raids in some upper class neighborhoods, that would end it all real quick.

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I tend to agree that rich people getting caught using drugs and getting fined or jailed just as anyone else would solve a lot of problems. The rich are the ones doing the most drugs because they are the ones who can afford it. recensioni

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There are a lot of thieves in prison in the United States.

There is one man who stole more money than all of the other convicted thieves have stolen in their entire lives in the United States.

Bernie Madoff is in prison.

His co-criminal wife walked with $2 million from a life of real privilege for fifty plus years.

Hey, the criminal justice system works real well for the big big big big criminals.

Rape retirees' stock investments for billions, hey, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are hiring big big big big thieves.

I'd like to see one, just one reporter slap that smirk off of Geithner's face.

Lynndie England did 521 days in federal confinement for minor things that were totally covered by directions straight from the criminals in the White House. The sleaze ambulance chaser who papered that is now a professor at Berkeley.

Which planet did these researchers think they were on?

Oh but we'll muddle along, after all, the biggest drug dealer in Afghanistan is the joke president's brother and on the CI lying A's payroll. No problem. The government can get cheap heroin for their kids to peddle.