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Dead Americans could really help Obama with the Jewish vote!


John Caruso on the next Gaza flotilla (via A Tiny Revolution):

So there you have it: not only would Barack Obama be more than happy to let Israel kill a few US citizens, he's actually thinking it could "improve his standing with AIPAC" and help shore up his vulnerability with Jewish voters. Illustrating once again that no level of skepticism or cynicism is sufficient when it comes to this bloated bag of amoral ambition and self-regard.

If this comes to pass, I wonder how pro-Israel PUMAs will spin it.


Submitted by jawbone on

Dept. job -- it's hard to work with a Corporatist, Neolib, warhawk Nobel Peace Prize laureate and come out with one's reputation intact.

Another Cabinet member I worry about is Steven Chu, the physics Nobel Prize winner, now Secty of Energy who can't, it seems, get any attention paid to global warming. Now, he may favor behind closed doors schmoozing, but that's not in line with the transparency required of the scientific method. Albeit it IS Obama's MO.

What's he doing? Why is he not educating the American public since Obama seems unable to do so?

Oh, yeah. He --and she-- have to please their boss, or they don't have their jobs.

They both probably think they can do more good by staying in office than by resigning with cause. Or maybe they feel he's "doing everything he can," and don't want to rock his boat. Alas, he's drilling holes in the bottom, as lambert says of the airline exec.

Maybe Hillary and Chu will just be collateral damage in Obama's drive to destroy the Democratic Party (it does seem that's one of the things he was hired to do).