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DCCC: "Throw in the towel"

I get letters:

I'm so glad I'm on the DCCC mailing list. Maybe this time I'll get a pony.

1) "BREAKING" will be familiar to any Kos reader.

2) Apparently, "to be honest" is part of the DCCC boilerplate, since it's recurring feature. Sad, since the reader's implicit expectation must be that nobody is honest, and that's a sign of corruption, but as I understand it, all email blasts are rigorously tested for wording that works.

3) Apparently "Speaker Boehner" and "Paul Ryan" are the most effective (lucrative) demon figures. I don't know why Boehner gets his just title of office, and Ryan doesn't, but again, I assume this is the result of testing.

4) "A crushing blow to President Obama's agenda." That agenda being carefully unstated. "I serve as a blank screen on which people project..."

5) "massively outraised" Note the lawyerly adverb.

6) "on this first quarterly fundraising deadline." More Kos-ism, the deployment of insider lingo to create the illusion of participation in the mind of the mark.

7) "Suggested support" is good, too. Note the lack of agency. Who's doing the suggesting? Is the only form of support the click-through, for which the firm handling the mail blast collects a percentage? And so forth.

Needless to say, I've never given them a dime, so it's hilarious or deceptive that they write as if I have. Maybe somebody who knows more about email blasts than I do can tell me if this is tactical.

Hey, Democrats! I've got an idea! Stop sucking!

NOTE As DCBlogger reminds us, DCCC is in the prehensile grasp of the repellent Steve Israel.

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