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DC "Special Police"

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It is like the fourth of July. Everyone is in a great mood enjoying the occasion.

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You there? I wish! I don't even have TV! Supposed to be livestream here, from OWS twitter sidebar, but down now. But I see a chat:

StopMotionsolo Us park service not allowing signs reading "i have a dream" in the mlk memorial 15 hours ago

Srsly? :-(

whoops, stream just came back on, march just passed WA monument... "fuck this shit, I don't care" -- heck. Anyway, can't stay, but have fun. California heart with you.

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Do you love this? Ha. Ha. Ha. This was to be the militant demandy rally. And Wednesday is the commemoration where O will deliver his "I have a Drone" speech.
The one yesterday was billed by MSNBC and progressives as the one that will really capture the spirit of the 1963 march which was about demands for jobs not having a dream. But it was heavily enforced and the speakers were the MSNBC and Democrat crowd. Supposedly the police took away posters calling for an end to the new Jim Crow. Dave Zirin has an excellent critique over at The Nation.