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DC City Council and OccupyDC

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D.C. Council says protesters should get to stay

Members of the D.C. Council say Occupy DC protesters should be free to continue camping out in public parks even as police have begun raiding protester encampments in other cities this week. ...

... "I'm glad Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg is not running the District of Columbia -- we are more sensitive to the important expressions of freedom of speech," said Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham, referring to the New York City raid. "I think as long as we have what a reasonable person would consider an orderly protest, I think it ... should be respected."

The politics of occupy in DC are different than any other city. The cause that is nearest and dearest to the Mayor's and City Council's heart is voting representation in Congrees. Both OccupyDC and Occupy Washington, DC have endorsed DC Statehood as one of their causes. So now the mayor has 2 armies of supporters for his favorite cause, it is not in his interest to shut it down.

Now both McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza are under the jurisdiction of the Park Police, so Obama could shut them down on his own. But given City Council's support for the occupations, I don't think that Obama would be willing to take that step.

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