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Day 9 of the "Why Won't #Krugman Post On Bill Black?" Watch

Today, Frank Rich uses the F word:

The Obama administration seems not to have a prosecutorial gene. It’s shy about calling a fraud a fraud when it occurs in high finance.

So, why won't Krugman deploy the same sophisticated analytical tools and name some fraudsters?

I'm sure that William Black and Randy Wray would be willing to help; they've been writing on accounting control fraud since the financial crisis began. Accounting control fraud is why confidence won't be restored until we see bankster CEOs in orange jumpsuits doing the perp walk. If Frank Rich can do his part, why can't Paul Krugman use his own bully pulpit?

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Submitted by Hugh on

Krugman won't go near the idea of kleptocracy either. For me, it is all evidence of a failed analysis. How can Krugman comment intelligently on the great issues of our times when he misses so much of what makes them significant?

Submitted by lambert on

But I have hope that pounding away will make a small difference some day.