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Data point on reaction to Chicago

I have a right-wing, Christian, libertarian friend (military background) who has land out in the woods; we share a common interest in gardening and sustainability, and local food sovereigntly. So I cruised past his FB page today, and his reactions to Chicago were two-fold:

1. "Wow in Chicago!" for a Wall Photo share of the police in Baby Blue helmets (tagline: "told ya....police state", and:

2. A share of a crowd photo (this one), where the post was: "Just saw in the news that only a few hundred showed up to the NATO protest. Yup, this looks like a few hundred to me" and the comment was: "Same accounting system is in use for unemployment."

Notice also the rapid propagation of photographs outside the usual channels. There was also no presence of the "unclean" narrative (dirty hippies, and so forth. I'll see if that appears).

I don't think anybody can know where all this headed, but it might actually end up being a good place. Interesting! So I'd be interested in other reactions to Chicago. Readers?

UPDATE Adding, it seems to be the mass of blue helmets that's eliciting a more, shall we say, thoughtful reaction. Not the classic trope of the police beating somebody up.

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...there was crazy police presence. It was overwhelming, intimidating and unnecessarily jumpy. All you needed to do was step off a curb incorrectly to be thrown to the ground, cuffed and transported to a holding facility miles and miles away. That was the Democratic National Convention.

Then, during the Occupy protests in Manhattan, the number of police in riot gear steadily increased with every march until #N17 when it was ridiculous and there were almost as many police as there were protestors in Zuccotti park. Of course, the crowd grew as the day progressed and by the time we marched from Union Square, the whole city was on our side. Still, there's no doubt that it's a police state and they would gun us down in a minute. All they need is for someone to say the word.