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Daschle's book: Health care system should be run by a board like the Fed

See Angry Bear.

Great idea.

I guess we'll be throwing the insurance parasites a few trillion, then? With no oversight and no accountability?

Oh, wait...

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a board like the Fed, but otoh, one person certainly can't handle it.

Who would be on this board and would all parties be fairly represented? It seems like a huge undertaking, but hardly insurmountable if people are concerned with solving the problem instead of figuring out how best to pad their wallets. Some (most?) in the medical profession and many Americans want solutions. They are the two most important parts of the equation, aren't they?

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i mean, it's not like they could look to europe, or canada even, to find successful models of how to run a national health care system without private insurers at the center of the system. and, there's no one, no policy group or think tank or progressive organization or state, that's ever looked at the Tuff Kweshuns about 'how it's done,' and written 000s of pages to that effect? i mean, there's absolutely *no one* anywhere in america with ideas, or tested models, or comparitive studies, or policy memos...i mean, it's just so hard to imagine health care any other way than they way we do it here, right?

that's why i'm so glad Tom wrote a book. i bet in a few decades, he might even come up with a solution. and i'm glad he's going to push for a board of Serious Experts, just like the ones who've managed our economy so well at the Fed. great idea, Tom! i'm so glad your O-board!