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Dana Milbank is b-o-o-o-o-r-e-d!

Silly voters, forgetting their duties to the Village! Don't they understand their rube-ish duty is to let Pravda on the Potomac's stenographers get on with the narrative? What a tool:

Just When You Think They Might Be Out, They Get Pulled Back In

Somebody, please make it stop.

It's primary night -- again. Barack Obama is on the verge of eliminating Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic presidential nomination -- again. And Clinton -- her campaign broke and written off by the pundits -- wins. Again.

Why would I want it to stop? My candidate is winning--and the delicious icing on the cake is that the pundits, and our "creative class" [cough] keep looking worse and worse.

I mean, sheesh, what do they want? To call the game on account of darkness?

And I wish somebody would stomp on this meme:

Mostly, however, she defied Obama. "He broke every spending record in this state trying to knock us out of this race," she declared. "Well, the people of Pennsylvania had other ideas tonight."

What's with the "defying"? Now the race really is a dead heat, with the momentum on Hillary's side. And last time they debated, Hillary beat Obama like a gong, and Obama cried "no mas."

Really, isn't Obama the one "defying" Hillary?

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Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

its gotten obvious that the villagers want McCain in the White House.

I mean, an honest pundit would be looking at the results out of PA and OH, and be talking about Obama finding a graceful way of getting out of the race, because he's looking like toast in November.

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Submitted by koshembos on

Typically the well off and well educated lead the Democrats. In Obama's America, the poor and disadvantaged rise up to lead the Democrats out of the depth of incoherent and bewildering nonsense that the Obama's educated and well off mob brought us.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

The Waffler

"McGovern - Mondale - Dukakis - Obama

The few, the lame, the losers

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Submitted by zuzu on

Dana may be bored, but the voters aren't.

2.25 million people voted in the (closed!) Democratic primary in PA.

Another .75 million or so voted in the GOP primary.

PA's population is about 12.5 million.

So almost a quarter of PA's population voted in a closed primary.

Why the hell shouldn't the voters be stoked? This is the first time in decades that places like Indiana and Guam and Puerto Rico are going to count in the nomination. They're thrilled!

And the party should be thrilled at the turnout and the excitement, but they're doing their best to put an end to it, the idjits.

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Submitted by kc on

these jackals would've been fired long ago. I'm seriously trying to think of something they have been right about--but can't. Most everything these 'village' people say turns out to be wrong (thankfully), and yet they keep on blabbering like they have the inside dope.

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Submitted by kc on

I have a friend who is a very old woman-doesn't have a computer (they frighten her), but was so excited over Hillary's win that she gave me a check for $300. She wanted me to send in the donation on my card so that her campaign would get it faster.

There is a quiet excitement among women like this, and it really hits my heart.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

Don't you mean "they keep on blabbering like they have they have been smoking dope?"

"McGovern - Mondale - Dukakis - Obama

The few, the lame, the losers