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Damn Skippy Redux

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From his Highness the Royal Coiner of Phrases:

the gop: the party of poopy-pantsers
christy hardin smith over at fdl points us to kung fu monkey:

maybe it's just, i cast my eyes back on the last century ...

fdr: oh, i'm sorry, was wiping out our entire pacific fleet supposed to intimidate us? we have nothing to fear but fear itself, and right now we're coming to kick your ass with brand new destroyers riveted by waitresses. how's that going to feel?

churchill: yeah, you keep bombing us. we'll be in the pub, flipping you off. i'm slapping rolls-royce engines into untested flying coffins to knock you out of the skies, and then i'm sending angry welshmen to burn your country from the rhine to the polish border.

us. now: be afraid!! oh god, the brown bad people could strike any moment! they could strike ... now!! ahhhh. okay, how about .. now!! aagagahahahhag! quick, do whatever we tell you, and believe whatever we tell you, or you will be killed by brown people!! put down that sippy cup!!

... and i'm just a little tired of being on the wrong side of that historical arc.
readers of this space will remember when we waxed similar a couple of months ago, thinking about when we grew up during the cold war which saw the soviet union's nuclear warheads threatening to blow us up at any moment:

we walked through life facing down a real enemy, an enemy which proclaimed its desire to infect the world with its own way of thinking, without ever once giving up any of the civil liberties our forefathers built into our way of government and which our fathers fought and bled on foreign shores to protect.

vandals with cell phones didn't make us poop our pants. hooligans that liked to blow themselves up didn't send us cowering in fear in the corner, crying, "please, mommy, make them stop, take away our rights as citizens, destroy our way of life, just make those mean brown people stop wearing cloth on their heads and insisting their god is bigger and badder than ours, we are so helpless, and we just can't join the armed forces and fight them ourselves!"

because make no mistake about it, friends, the "war on terra" is less about fighting some ill-defined political-cum-religious platform than it is part of the greater war against the mud people.
in our humble opinion, this the tact the democrats need to take in the next few months:

it's time to stop being afraid, and start taking action. let's take the money being spent in iraq and re-direct it into finding bin laden, capturing him and prosecuting him. let's stop listening to the scared little poopy-pantsers in the gop, and start being adults again. if there's a problem, let's face it and deal with it, and stop crying panic every time there's an actual victory in this campaign against vandals with cell phones.

And to think I was waxing all serious about an end to moderation today. This is the only post you need to read when you're making phone calls to spineless dems.

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