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Dallas Motorcade Officer Dies

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Pause for a moment in the candidate wars, and send thoughts, prayers, or wishes to this man's family.

Police identified the officer killed during Senator Hillary Clinton's motorcade in Dallas today as Senior Cpl. Victor Lozada, 49, a 20-year veteran of the department.

The officer's motorcycle was near the rear of the motorcade as it headed south on the viaduct when the accident happened about 9:15 a.m.
After news of the accident reached her, a somber Mrs. Clinton expressed sorrow over the officer's death.

"We are just heartsick over this loss of life in the line of duty," she said.

Mrs. Clinton said the accident should serve as a reminder of the sacrifices law enforcement officers make. She said it is important that people respect and appreciate their service.

Mrs. Clinton canceled a Fort Worth rally planned as part of her race for the Democratic nomination for president. Her motorcade briefly returned to Dallas where she planned to meet with Cpl. Lozada's family.

About 30 motorcycle officers who had parked in formation outside the hospital filed inside about that time, helmets in hand, to pay their respects to the family.

WFAA-TV helicopter pilot Troy Bush, who flew over the scene shortly after the incident, estimated that the officer had been thrown about 20 yards by the impact.

Here is the full story from the Dallas Morning News, quoted fairly liberally above

and including a series of pictures relating to the accident.

Sr. Cpl. Lozada had been riding with the department's motorcycle forces for over a month. He was married and a father of four.

Family members said he was so excited about today's motorcade he wore a brand-new uniform for it. He had also participated in the motorcycle escort for Senator Barak Obama's visit to Dallas earlier in the week.

Details of Mrs. Clinton's cancellation of her scheduled Fort Worth rally can be found in the Star-Telegram story.

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