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Daily Beast quick reads from Suskind's Obama book

Obama’s Detachment From Reality

The major takeaway from the book is about how quickly it became clear that Obama was out of his league running the administration. But Obama’s relation to reality, in addition to his managerial skills, comes into question. In August 2009, with health-care reform bogged down and his staff dissolving into frantic infighting—“the worst period of his presidency,” according to Dunn—Obama seemed to be blissfully detached from his political struggles. “My name is Barack Hussein Obama and I’m sitting here,” he said, “So yeah, I’m feeling pretty lucky.” It was only after Republican Scott Brown won the race for a Massachusetts Senate seat that Obama seemed to realize his inspiring life story wasn’t a governing strategy. “What is my narrative? I don’t have a narrative,” a lost-seeming Obama told senior staff. One staffer who was there told Suskind, “For someone like Obama, that’s like saying I don’t know who I am.” But Suskind actually ends on a more optimistic note—suggesting that with Summers and Emanuel gone and two years of experience under his belt, the president might finally be hitting his stride. If Suskind is right, the last few months—from his surrender in the deficit fight to anonymous internal sniping at new chief of staff Bill Daley—have disguised Obama’s newfound sure-footedness very well indeed.


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