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D – 93 and counting*

Lots of WI goodness below the fold, including another massive BAR takedown.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" --Aleister Crowley

Reader note: Because I'm on the road today and tomorrow, these links are a bit lighter. Also too I'm skipping Robama and Obomney.

Montreal. Amir Khadir, MNA handcuffed and arrested: "There are two weights, two measures." [W]hile peaceful demonstrators are handcuffed, Liberal ministers meeting Mafia figures for breakfast fundraisers and engineering consulting firms working around Quebec’s party financing law to contribute to Charest’s Liberals, do not get the same treatment. Suggestion: Why not make casserole night official Festivals? "Quebec-style pots and pans protests are spreading to several American cities, with dozens of activists arrested in New York City and Chicago during marches to support the Quebec student movement Wednesday evening." It isn't even past: "A wave of suspicious packages [putatively] from the 'Forces armées révolutionnaires du Québec' [very 60s] landed in the mailboxes of various high-profile people and organizations Wednesday morning." They contain baking soda. For the fridge? Can't the Sûreté spring for anthrax, like they do in the Great Republic to the South?

CA. Fullerton: Recall campaign "driven in part by the death of a homeless man who was beaten by police has ended with the removal of three City Council members from office." San Diego, Tinpot Tyrant Watch: "… a 14-camera security system funded by DHS that [is] being placed around Mission Bay on city light poles, atop lifeguard structures and on boat ramps." CA-52 primary: "[Scott Peters] has a 645-vote lead over fellow D Lori Saldana, who on Wednesday was refusing to concede the race." Team Sheyman backs Saldana. C-31: "With 100 percent of precincts reporting in California's 31st District, two Rs lead a field of six candidates." In CA's new top-two system, that means no D candidate. Well done. "As has been shown in Louisiana and Washington, top-two systems make it far easier for incumbents to be re-elected than normal systems do."

MA. "[T]he Scott Brown campaign is running circles around Elizabeth Warren on tactics." Hey, I've got Team lyla Sheyman team on the line!

MI. MI Medicaid director on Obamacare: "[T]hose who are much more familiar with the specifics will have to make some decisions about whether we can actually achieve the milestones."

MO. Nurses! "I spent a couple of decades working traumas. I've held millionaires down stripped them naked and performed invasive procedures whether they liked it or not just like I have street people, junkies, gang-bangers and whores. I know in graphic details that we're all just meat, and that includes the most powerful people on earth. "

NJ. The winner, "Pascrell registered thousands of new voters in Passaic County" (Strange behavior for a D, and unlike WI!).

NM. NM-1: "When a Super PAC that backed Griego attacked Grisham on poor care at Fort Bayard Medical Center, including deaths of elderly patients, Grisham responded with a withering attack on Griego’s past, including multiple bench warrants for failure to appear in court for traffic violations." Team Sheyman loses another one.

NY. Tinpot Tyrant Watch: "The judge said the officer rushed forward and, using the upper edge of his hand, delivered a sharp blow to the judge’s throat." Ugh. "Secret History Of Sexual Predators" At Horace Mann

OR. Pitch A Tent 2: "They are saying it is okay to camp for recreation, but if you are one of the thousands of people in Portland without housing or shelter you will be fined and harassed for erecting a structure for survival."

TN "[S]imply trying to restate a liberal Janus-faced approach that invites charters, but not too many charters, is setting oneself up to be beat in the future."

VA. Loudon creche battle: "I have requested that the editor replace the word "storm troopers", which I was using as a metaphor, with the word 'member.'" Fairfax DPVA convention: "Chaos erupted on the floor." Gruesome read.

WI. Job's comforters: Barney Frank: "picked a fight they shouldn't have picked." Ed Rendell: "dumb political fight." D operative Begala: "I don't think it would have made the difference. But it's kind of like Thanksgiving at your in-laws. If you go, it doesn't guarantee it's going to be fun, but if you don't go there's going to be hell to pay."

BAR. If you haven't read this, read it: "Political campaigns are pretty much where movements go to die, get betrayed or are stillborn." And: "Though they had a whole year to plan, neglected to do the labor-intensive ground game of massive voter registration in poor and minority communities. They spent their relatively scarce dollars on media instead." So not GOTV vs. money. Kos: "Turns out people just didn't like the idea of a recall—something worth filing away as an important lesson learned." Wrong: Recalls often succeed. And wrong. Not recalls, this recall: "Nearly 6 in 10 Wisconsin voters said that recall elections were appropriate only for official misconduct." Athenae: "This hasn’t ended, if only because things like this don’t end, and we have some people to thank for that. " Mish: "It's time to implement national right-to-work laws and put an end to public union collective bargaining nationally." Those exit polls, shorter: Early results are early.

AFT Official: “It’s pretty clear that the voices of ordinary citizens are at permanent risk of being drowned out by uninhibited corporate spending." Why no voter registration, then? Lori Compas: “We need to get money out of politics.” Or we need to get more people in. Again, voter registration? Pierce: "Very soon, there is not going to be a single political campaign, no matter how small, that directly affects anything having to do with America's corporate power, which is practically everything, that will not be swamped by anonymous cash laundered through bagmen organized under the banner of some nobly monickered political whorehouse." And registration? Obama Campaign Manager Messina: “Money swung the election.” Registration?!

The slap: "The woman [who slapped Barrett], who was immediately identified, was upset that Barrett was conceding while people were still trying to vote." That upsets me, too. "The governor planned to meet with his cabinet Wednesday and then to invite all members of the Legislature to meet as soon as next week over burgers, brats and ‘maybe a little bit of good Wisconsin beer.'" WaPo's Meyerson reframes: "Walker remains governor, but Ds complete a stunning, unprecedented three-seat swing of the state senate to grab the majority there." "The numbers showed a surprising amount of partisan crossover between the recall race and the presidential race — in Obama’s and Walker’s favor." Too bad labor's leaders aren't openly gay. If they were, they'd have asked Obama if he wanted to lose WI in November. And then they'd have made their threat stick. Na ga happen.

Inside Baseball. CJR on DC shopper Politico's media bias story: "more like the work of a political consulting team, not media critics—and certainly not journalists." Pierce on DC shopper Politico WI wrap: "I mean, honestly, it took three people to write this? Was one of them in charge of prepositions?" "Buffett may be the poster child for President Obama’s tax plan, but the investment tycoon insists he is not a 'card-carrying Democrat.'" Harold Meyerson: "Before unions, the common form of protest for workers seeking a better life was rioting." A man's home is his Reichstag.**

Green Party. CA primary: Stein, 48.6%; Barr, 40.0%. Stein on ABC News (!), asked about a libertarian Veep: "That’s a really interesting thought,” Stein said. “Many people have suggested that we pair up with a libertarian."

Jawbs. Obama's economic options: "What’s missing are proposals to try to boost consumer demand." "When asked whether the worst economic news is 'behind us' or 'yet to come', a majority think the worst is yet to come.'

Grand Bargain™-brand Catfood Watch. Clive Crook, idiot (in the Greek sense): "Congress needs to combine budgetary ease in the short run with a credible commitment to reduce debt in the long run. Neither is any use without the other. The blueprint for this exists in the Simpson-Bowles plan." How does a popularly elected legislature achieve a "credible commitment" to our banksters? They'll game it!

Robama vs. Obomney. Thumbsucker from Tomasky: "Romney will portray Obama as unequipped to revive the economy and cut the deficit. Obama will paint Romney as an elitist who will bring back supply-side policies with a vengeance." True and true!

* 93 days ’til the Democratic National Convention feasts on rice and beans on the floor of the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. The number 93 is of great significance to Aleister Crowley.

** For the irony challenged, the reference is to a well-known false flag operation.

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Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

Roseanne kept on about forming coalitions with other 3rd parties, but mentioned Libertarians exclusively as examples. My comment after her skype interview was that I would have been more inclined to support that stance if she had mentioned Socialists too. I think our platform has more in common with them than the Libertarians. I can see forming a coalition with the Libs for foreign policy moves, other than that, selecting one as a VP would undercut the great majority of what we stand for. So, yeah "interesting thought"-but no, I can't see Jill going for it. And yes, ABC news!

Submitted by lambert on

But locally, it's the only way forward to anything close to what I want (although I think Hipparchia would disagree).

My (crazy) idea was that the Greens nominate a libertarian VP, and that the Libertarians nominate a Green VP.

There's a ton to disagree on, but as with MMT and left right issues there, we might be fighting it out on ground cleared of D/R rubble.

jest's picture
Submitted by jest on

My (crazy) idea was that the Greens nominate a libertarian VP, and that the Libertarians nominate a Green VP.

Paul/Stein '12 would be pretty interesting, at least for attracting much needed attention.

Neither will get elected, so the question of how they will ever work together is a moot point. However, as a symbolic gesture, the effect of it could lead to some pretty good experiments...

Submitted by hipparchia on

have you ever read all the way through their platform? or even part way?

i'll even save you some trouble. this sentence

We oppose all controls on wages, prices, rents, profits, production, and interest rates.

is THE one central plank of their platform, buried in paragraph 2.1, but pretty much the whole document is full of evilness and stupidity, with a few nice-sounding phrases to make it all seem palatable.

Submitted by lambert on

... up here the regular Ds are corrupt. So corrupt and sane vs. not honest and crazy. Which'd you rather?

And I'm not sure the Libertarian Party (caps) is equal to libertarians; so far as I can tell there are as many libertarian factions as there are protestant sects.

But do I really have the option not to ask questions like this? Or throw out ideas? I don't think so.

Up here, the libertarian corner is solid for two things that matter a lot for the sustainability of the state: They're big for local food and they're big against a humongous highway that's going to split the state, wreck a lot of farmland and wilderness, and not bring a penny into the state. I don't see an option other than to talk to them. The Ds are for both. In fact, I think they're considering running a proponent of the East-West highway for governor, recreating the mill town mentality all over again, except this time with no mill.

If the two legacy parties were out of the way, we might win in a fair fight... And if not, does it matter?