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D – 60 and counting*

If by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people — their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties — someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal." -- JFK, on accepting the New York Liberal Party nomination

Occupy. #NATGAT: "Multiple organizers told [City Paper weekly] that one member – known as "Sage" – had been accused by six different women of sexual harassment over the course of National Gathering. They said he had also been making racist, sexist comments to multiple members of the movement. He was asked to leave and at one point, Occupiers formed a barricade to keep him from entering the camp."

AZ. ObamaCare: "If the feds can't force Arizona to move forward with the massive Medicaid expansion, it's a near certainty the Republican-led Legislature won't do it for them."

FL. Public records: "A reader did a Miami Dade County Public Records request. He had 6 queries. [The charge:] $888.00." In what sense are these records public, then?

IA. Code enforcement: "Supporters of urban chickens say it's time the Iowa City council allow residents to raise chickens in their backyards."

LA. Letter to the Newhouse family: "[I]t is nearly impossible to find a kind word in these parts about your family or your plan to take away our daily newspaper" Check the signatures. … Water: "But after three decades of extensive efforts to clean it up, nitrate along the rivers is getting worse. In Hermann [Mo, in the center of the Missouri River basin], the levels have increased 75 percent since 1980, according to USGS research published last year…. And no one – at least yet – has figured out exactly why. … The pollution that creates a [6,800 square mile] dead zone [in the Gulf] 1,247 miles downstream."

ME. ObamaCare: "ME Gov. Paul LePage has refused to give in to demands that he apologize for comparing the Internal Revenue Service to the Gestapo, but he said he never intended to insult anyone or 'minimize' the misdeeds carried out by Nazi Germany's secret police force." A non-apology apology.

MN. "A provisional ballot ain't a vote… If you ballot was rejected for bull**** reasons, how could you appeal?"

NY. Tinpot tyrants: "The NYPD has created a "wanted" poster for a Harlem couple who film cops conducting stop-and-frisks and post the videos on YouTube — branding them "professional agitators" who portray cops in a bad light and listing their home address." (MR) … Fracking: "In reassuring the public that shale gas development is safe and beneficial, officials within the DEC's Mineral Resources Division have publicly denied that hydraulic fracturing uses dangerous chemicals."

OH. Fracking: '[Concerned Citizens of OH:]" I don't think people are adequately educated about the impact of this industrial process, or (know) that local zoning was totally removed from the hands of local government. I think most people are not aware of that." (danps)

PA. Fracking: Rural counties roar ahead, suburban counties to be studied. Alrighty then. ... Money: "According to new filings, Obama has collected $2.8 million from donors in Philadelphia zip codes. That's far less than the $4 million he collected from the same area at a similar point during the 2008 campaign."

TN. Meme watch: "He'd not heard of the Teavangelical label [coined by CBN news reader in new book] before but said that it fits. His faith shapes many of his political views."

TX. ObamaCare: "In a move that surprised exactly no one, Rick Perry announced Monday that TX will not create a health insurance exchange nor expand Medicaid." "[PERRY in letter to Sibelius:] I look forward to implementing health care solutions that are right for the people of TX. I urge you to support me in that effort. In the meantime, [health reform's] unsound encroachments will find no foothold here." Nullification?! ... Voting: "In TX, for example, concealed handgun licenses are an acceptable form of [voter] ID under a new law that's yet to take effect, but student ID cards are not."

VA. Privatization: "One of our state's most prized assets [the Port of Virginia] is about to be sold (ok, leased for a really, really long time) to a private operator. … without any input from the public. We've seen this play before, most recently with the implementation of tolls on the tunnels in our area. We also are seeing it locally, as both Norfolk and Virginia Beach take on new zoning plans." …. Privatization: "After the [single] July 17 meeting [on the Port of Virginia], panel members will be required to sign nondisclosure agreements giving them access to sensitive financial details of any proposed deals, but leaving them extremely limited as to what they could share with the public." … Snark watch: "Rosalynn Carter: OMG! You mean this was a political party convention here in the United States of America, in the state of Virginia? Is it really possible that a major American political party could hold contested elections in the 21st century and make this much of a mess of it? " Super article on state party shenanigans with reform proposals.

The empire. Cartagena redux? "In pre-dawn darkness, a ­Toyota Land Cruiser skidded off a bridge in [Mali] in the spring, plunging into the Niger River. When rescuers arrived, they found the bodies of three U.S. Army commandos — alongside three dead women." … Charles Pierce reacts: "There is democratic logic and there is imperial logic, and they are mutually and forever exclusive. Making secret war makes war a secret only to the people footing the bills." So, you're voting for the emperor, then?

ObamaCare. A sober look, LA Times: "Millions of Californians will still lack insurance even after a massive coverage expansion. Medical costs and premiums are expected to keep rising, at least in the short run. And many of those who do gain coverage could have a tough time finding a doctor to treat them." ... Taxing power: ObamaCare's mandate is neither a tax nor a penalty. It's a "mixed exaction" (A theory of the tax power that justifies – and may have informed –Roberts's analysis.) ... The mandate: "[In MA,] some 97 percent of the taxpayers are complying with new health reform filing requirements."

Jobs. Nate Silver: "Is this the new normal?" Simple answers to simple questions: Yes.

The trail. Money: "Ominously for the Obama re-election campaign, Romney is beginning to bring in money from small donors in substantial numbers as well as wealthy donors. His campaign said about 20% came from small donors." Money: "The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee today asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate [Crossroads GPS, Americans for Prosperity, and 60-Plus Association,] Republican-leaning nonprofits who are spending millions on the 2012 campaigns. DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil: 'These organizations are actually claiming that they are no more political than a church, a synagogue, or even the American Cancer Society. It is patently absurd'" (SW). The FEC is comprised of three Ds and three Rs. ... Razor thin margin: "Why isn't President Obama doing worse? The answer favored by political professionals is that Obama is playing a mediocre hand well, while his GOP rival Mitt Romney is failing to leverage his strong hand — particularly on the economy." ... Streamers: "House Ds are taking it to another level. They're now recording video of the homes of GOP congressmen and candidates and posting the raw footage on the Internet for all to see." How do we know it's raw?

Robama vs. Obomney watch. Failure to communicate: "It took several weeks for Burton and Sweeney to come up with a name for [Priorities USA]. To their irritation, every slogan they considered had already been trademarked by Republicans." "Jail the banksters!" has been trademarked by the Rs? That's remarkable.

Romney. "The real question is when will we see Romney start to define himself on his terms? Where is the People Magazine profile? Or the Good Housekeeping interview?"

Obama. Middle class tax cuts: "The move underscored Obama's support for raising taxes on higher incomes and his effort to cast himself as a populist." Banksters in orange jump suits doing the perp walk; that would be populist. ... Middle class tax cuts, White House communications director tweet: "[PFEIFFER]: Will the GOP join him to provide certainty for 98% of Americans?" Bizarrely out of touch. "Certainty," sibling to the Confidence Fairy, is a corporate frame. 99% of Americans are concerned about the certainty of paying the bills this week, not something far off next April. A job helps. …. Bain flap: Press plays stenographer, gives misleading Obama claims a free pass.

* 60 days ’til the Democratic National Convention ends with som tam on the floor of the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. JFK was elected in 1960.

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