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D – 58 and counting*

Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres. -- Voltair

Occupy. New media: "Twitter was rather more important as a way of conveying news out of the region and towards an international audience, than as a means of communication within or across the affected countries."

CA. Fracking: "'The [state division of oil, gas and geothermal resources] is unable to identify where and how often hydraulic fracturing occurs within the state. The Division has not yet developed regulations to address this activity [fracking]." ... Fracking: "NBC Bay Area's investigative unit's Stephen Stock asked [Renee Sharp of the Oakland Environmental Working Group] if fracking is happening on people's private land without their knowledge. She answered, 'Correct. Shocking, but true.'"

FL. Corruption, Palm Beach Post reporter Stacey Singer: "What surprised me most is the CDC's role in allowing the [TB] cover-up to happen. They were not willing to inform the public if the local health department decided it was not the right thing to do." ... Corruption: "In the filing, [Carletha] Cole contends that she witnessed [FL Lt. Gov. Jennifer] Carroll and a top aide, Beatriz Ramos, in a 'compromising position' inside Carroll's office, that Carroll's chief of staff secretly recorded conversations routinely at the direction of those working for Gov. Rick Scott, and that the trash can at Cole's desk might have been deliberately set ablaze following an argument between her and Ramos."

GA. Transparency: "Judges across Georgia are closing courtrooms to the public, citing reasons like lack of space and security concerns. But it's against the law to do so and now some judges are getting slapped with lawsuits of their own."

IA. Union busting: "AFSCME IA Council 61 filed a prohibited practice complaint yesterday with the IA Public Employment Relations Board, charging that Gov Terry Branstad disregarded IA's collective bargaining law when he signed an executive order allowing state employees to contribute to their health insurance premiums." Smart maneuver by Branstad. Vicious, but smart. ... Water: "Officials from two state agencies closed the Clarion Inn, which houses the Wasserbahn [Water Park] and Seven Villages Restaurant, on Friday after a water test reported to the IA Department of Natural Resources showed E. coli bacteria in the well that supplies the hotel."

IL. Hmmm: "A statement from Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.'s office says the Chicago Democrat is receiving 'intensive medical treatment' for a 'mood disorder.'"

KY. Mice roar: "Trigg County will join at least 14 other counties in a class-action lawsuit against Delaware-based Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) Corporation."

LA. Corruption: "The decisions by Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman and Municipal Court Judge Paul Sens to hire each other's wife as a consultant came under sharp criticism."

ME. Marriage: "Mainers support legalizing same-sex marriage, 57 percent to 35 percent, according to a statewide poll commissioned by the Portland Press Herald." ... Angus King (I): "Fifty-five percent of those polled said they support King, more than double the support for the closest candidate, R Charlie Summers. Twenty-seven percent of respondents said they favor Summers and 7 percent said they favor D Cynthia Dill." D institutional collapse.

MI. Tar sands: "The government's investigation raises serious questions about whether corrosive tar sands can be safely moved on the U.S. pipeline system." Lovely picture of busted pipeline!

MN. Foreclosure: "The foreclosure business is impersonal. Gretsch recalled talking to the person who served her with an eviction notice. 'I asked the server why he even does this and he says, 'well, I have to make my money and last week I delivered one to my sister.'" ... Voting: "The MI Supreme Court will decide whether a repeal of MI's controversial emergency manager law should appear on the Nov. 6 election ballot ... [The point at issue: whether the referendum petition] complied with a state requirement that the petition language appear in 14-point type."

NY. Annals of weaseldom: "Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sued 16 head shops across the state for fraudulently marketing synthetic drugs like bath salts." While banksters walk free. ... The undercover transcripts at the head shops are a hoot: "It's like 300 minutes of feeling really really really really really really really really really really really really really good … and then it just stops like *that* (snapping fingers)." So, quite naturally it's not legal.

NC. Fracking: "A veteran [D] lawmaker in North Carolina says she pushed the wrong button late Monday night in a marathon legislative session and accidentally opened up the state to fracking." Majority Rs would not suspend the rules for a do-over.

OH. Privatization: "Two private security guards have been charged with murder in a man's fatal shooting at a southwest Ohio apartment complex."

PA. Zeitgeist: "I've been ruminating a lot lately, I guess because I'm scared and angry. We all know that 'if onlys' are not only lacking in nutrition, they're bad for the soul. But there we are." One of the great Philly bloggers. ... Zeitgeist: "Nutter testified for about 90 minutes Tuesday, defending the ban [on feeding the homeless in city parks] as part of his plan to end homelessness in Philadelphia." Oh, OK. These programs have been running for years with nary a problem, and they fed a lot of people. Matthew 25:44. ... Fracking, study: "We present geochemical evidence from northeastern PA showing that pathways, unrelated to recent drilling activities, exist in some locations between deep underlying formations and shallow drinking water aquifers." ... Fracking: "[Critics] contend [wealthy subuurban] Bucks County legislators carved out a special status for their home turf to pacify angry constituents in case drillers come calling with their rigs. This while other locales across the state with real drilling concerns have to abide by Pennsylvania's new law, known as Act 13, which impose fees on drillers in the gas-rich Marcellus Shale but takes away local zoning controls over drilling."

TX. Mass incarceration: "A total of four offenders residing in TX prisons died of the heat last summer." ... Water: "TX is sitting on a massive amount of "brackish" water. Too salty to drink, but far less salty than ocean water. A lot of it is just sitting there, below our freshwater aquifers. " So, desalination.

VA. UVA, Sullivan's first communication: "The national prominence of Darden and Law indicates the success we can achieve when we are allowed to compete in the market without subsidy; whether this successful experiment could be extended to other fields is a matter of politics as much as economics." Translation: "When we" are no longer a public university.

WA. The tribes: "Colville Tribal Chairman Michael Finley and Councilman Brian Nissan are facing recall petitions due to a $1 billion settlement they (and 40 American Indian tribes) negotiated with the Bureau of Indian Affairs."

WI. Recall: "This is the fourth time in US history that a recall has resulted in control of a chamber of the state legislature switching from one party to the other." ... Voting: "Sometime after final testing of Waukesha County's election software - but before the April election - County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus mysteriously changed something in her office's computer programming ...Only Nickolaus knows what she did. Whatever she did, it caused a breakdown in reporting election results that will cost county taxpayers $256,300 to fix." ... Home rule: "The Wisconsin Supreme Court dealt a blow to environmentalists concerned about water pollution from huge livestock farms Wednesday, when it said communities couldn't set stricter standards than the state." It's like we all need a "Home Rule" party...

Grand Bargain™-brand Catfood watch. Pete Domenici, Jim Jones, Dan Glickman: "We cannot wait until the lame duck session ... [W]e urge lawmakers to quickly replace the looming sequester with a strong, binding procedure that forces action to reduce deficits in the next Congress." Which is insane. Any law Congress passes it can modify or repeal; see Article I, Section 1.

Media critique. "Election coverage on TV lacks substance." Shocker! With handy chart.

Outside baseball. Corruption: "In 2001, Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index ranked the United States as the 16th least-corrupt country. By last year, the nation had fallen to 24th place." That high? ... Law enforcement: "The Justice Department and the FBI will review thousands of criminal convictions from more than a decade ago for possibly flawed analysis of hair sample evidence." ... Marriage: "Arizona officials have raised a significant new question for the [Supreme Court] Justices [next term]: if a state bans gay marriage, can it then take away unwed same-sex couples' access to state benefits that go only to those who can marry?" ... Zeitgeist: " In the movies, a vampire can't enter a home without first being invited. Ds must not be invited into our homes any longer either because they are just as dangerous to life and limb as their Republican counterparts. "

Greens. "On the day before the Green Party's presidential nominating convention, presidential candidate Jill Stein revealed her running mate to CBS News exclusively: homeless activist Cheri Honkala." Nice work on CBS coverage.

Romney. Money: "Mitt Romney has spent most of his adult life raising money – bringing in funds for the Mormon church, attracting investors to Bain Capital, convincing those with deep pockets to help him rescue the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics." ... NAACP flap: "[ROMNEY:] Instead, it's worse for African-Americans in almost every way. The unemployment rate, the duration of unemployment, average income and median family wealth are all worse for the black community." True; see the handy chart. There's a good deal of tribalist pearl-clutching about the booing, but given that the NAACP is at the heart of what Bruce Dixon calls the black misleadership class, I can't get worked up about it. ... [T]here's a new meme going around the Romney looks "weird," and the press is playing along in its photo selection. ... The discourse, Jill Stein: "Right now we have a dialogue that is horribly misguided, a dialogue that is not only boring but attention repelling, to use the words of the New York Times to describe the Romney campaign." Some days I feel the only real story of the Romney campaign is whether all that money will put Obama in bed with a dead woman or a live boy. Not that I think either is impossible, but still.

Obama. Taxes, Obama teebee ad: "[A]sk the wealthy to pay a little more." "A little." Most important elecction EVAH!!! Taxes do not fund spending, per MMT. However, redistribution through progressive taxation is good because it prevents the outright purchase of government, and the entrenchment of aristocracies. ... Self-hagiography: "Michelle Obama turns back to her roots to contrast herself with the always-comfortable Romneys: She grew up in a "little-bitty apartment" on Chicago's South Side that her mother still lives in..." Still not mentioning her father was a precinct captain for the Daley machine, I see.

* 58 days ’til the Democratic National Convention ends with a huge honkin' vat of bath salts on the floor of the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. In 58 AD the Apostle Paul wrote his Epistle to the Romans.

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cares about the effects on the public.


Reports today said Bernanke and Geithner knew about the LIBOR rate fixing back in 2007, and in '08 Geithner sent an email to the head of the Bank of England outlining a 6 point plan to improve things. Just how? Heh, guess that depends on what outcome is desired.

Anyway, both Ben and Timmie sat on the info and did not inform the public.

Sort of like the TB thing, huh?

Think either Bernanke or Geithner will suffer any consequences from their doing nothing to protect the public? The CDC? More likely the latter than the big finanance boys.