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Gay marriage feeding frenzy
. There isn't too much love in the world. And words (even if not performatives) do count. Glenn Greenwald: "[A]n important, and positive, step no matter what else is true about Obama and no matter what else he has done". Perez Hilton: "Better late than never". Best headline: "Questions linger after gay marriage frenzy" (George Stephanopoulos, nine questions).

Steney Hoyer has a change of heart. The Onion: "Casual One-Nighter Gives Strom Thurmond Change Of Heart On Gay Issue". Chris Floyd: "President Strom Thurmond announced today that his thinking on race relations has 'evolved,' saying that he now favors equal rights for Negroes. ... The president made it clear that he was simply stating his personal view on race relations, and that he would respect the decisions of individual states on the issue. In most states, various levels of racial segregation are enforced by law". "They also said they were not changing positions on an Executive Order that would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation against federal contractors". "But the Obama administration has gone out of its way to create an impression that it has done much more for gay people than it actually has". "Obama's gay marriage announcement followed by flood of campaign donations." And the rollout was long-planned. So maybe Biden only seemed to drive the timing. Trial balloon for bagging Charlotte, no doubt because of incidents like this: Lesbian seeking marriage license arrested in NC. Good for her!

Clooney fundraiser. "Obama is testing his newest appeal to wealthy backers -- his public support for gay marriage -- at three West Coast fundraisers, including dinner at the Los Angeles home of movie star George Clooney." $40,000 a plate. Tens of thousands donated an average $23 each for a chance to win a ticket. Two winners and their guests will attend. Robama "is expected to discuss policy in the low-key environment of Clooney's canyon home [!] over a dinner catered by Wolfgang Puck". "Celebrities have always played a role in presidential campaigns, but experts say they have never seen this kind of involvement on this scale".

Bullying feeding frenzy. It's heartwarming to see oppo from the Ds at last. Because, ya know, the timing: "... the day after President Obama announced he supports gay marriage ... At the exact moment Romney doesn't want to talk about gay stuff... ". Best headline: "Former Romney Classmate Describes 'Bullying Supreme' – A 'Pack of Dogs' Who Targeted 'Different' Boy". A three-fer, since it includes the current assault ("bully"), the most recent assault ("hates gays"), and the 2008 assault ("Seamus the dog"). Best question: "'How could the fellow with the scissors forget it?' the former classmate said." (What's with "fellow," anyhow? Are there really people who still use this word? Who knew? Is it a prep school locution?) Romney issues a defiantly retro non-apology apology: "And if anybody was hurt by that or offended by that, I apologize". I find this controversy confusing. If we want a President who can order American citizens to be whacked, or blow civilians to red mist with a drone strike, isn't "vicious" exactly what we want? Did I not get the memo?

The graveyard of empires. "The war, which will be in its 12th year on Election Day in November, has an inconclusive balance sheet at best". 66% oppose, 40% "strongly." 37% support among Rs, down from 58% a year ago. Ds 30% to 19%, Is flat. The graveyard of empires doesn't poll well. Ending the empire: Another issue we can't talk about.

The economy. "American optimism on economy and on Obama's ability to handle it well is fading, poll shows". The gloomier outlook includes a "steep decline" in Ds who call the economy "good," down from 48% in February to 31% now. (Look! Over there! Gay marriage!) From the same article: "U.S. presidents have limited ability to affect gas prices, which are determined in international markets." (Oh? Robama could prosecute speculators. But we can't talk about that.) Boehner plans to focus on jobs, and not "hold up various shiny objects." He may even believe this. The Times has a jobs tracker that may help him (data from Moodys). Meanwhile, they take meetings. "Treasury's Geithner Meets With CEOs To Discuss Economy". Readers, is this less informative than usual? Could the meeting have been "hastily called"? Or do I not yet know this patch of ground?

WI recall. Voting Day for the WI gubernatorial recall day is June 5. Candidate Barret (D) not the labor candidate, who lost the D primary. Record $23 million from outside groups. AFSMCE contribution level as yet unknown. Very few undecided, so hinges on GOTV.

Elizabeth Warren is 1/32 Native American, according to documents unearthed by genealogists at the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Again, I'm sure Warren must be in disbelief that this happening to her, exactly like Romney (or, for that matter, John Edwards. "That's their case?[!]")

Ron Paul. "In Idaho, isolated instances of grassroots activists working toward an ostensible 'hostile takeover' of the GOP are not sanctioned by the Ron Paul national campaign".

The Greens. Green to run in NY-10: "We need to create a new, more stable system based on investment in people and local communities instead of shareholders and corporations." Crazy talk!

Bipartisanship! Three House Rs and a D seek to halt Robama's medical marijuana raids.

Three think pieces on political economy: The descent into stasis (hat tip rde); Why the civil rights model will not work for Occupy; The Principles of Newspeak.

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* 120 days 'til the Democratic National Convention ends with a low-key dinner catered by Wolfgang Puck in Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. Cross-posted to Corrente. In Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, 120 is the maximum number of Power Stars a player can get.

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