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D - 117 and counting*

In enterprise of martial kind, when there was any fighting,
He led his regiment from behind — he found it less exciting.
But when away his regiment ran, his place was at the fore, O —
That celebrated, cultivated, underrated nobleman, The Duke of Plaza-Toro!

-- Gilbert & Sullivan, "In enterprise of martial kind," The Gondoliers

Readers, note request at end. I'd really, really like reputable local sourcing in swing states!

Romney Liberty University speeh. Evangelical Christian Leaders Praise Romney. "Graduate Lindsey Burnette described Romney as 'Christ-like'". Stephen Jones, class of 2012 said, "I think the one thing that is going to be the glaring problem is going to be the deity of Jesus Christ. I think that, if you compare him to Obama, I think yes, we'll side with him a lot better than we will Obama."

Sabbath day gasbags. Meet the Press, the Bobblespeak Translations: "GREGORY: you said that crazy London trader was a tempest in a teapot and then he lost $2 billion DIMON: that's true but in my defense I'm an idiot". Obama on Dimon and Blankfein, February 10, 2010: "I know both those guys; they are very savvy businessmen". So I wonder if Obama's position is evolving?

Gay Marriage feeding frenzy. Bush '04 pollster: "This is not about a generational shift in attitudes, this is about people changing their thinking as they recognize their friends and family members who are gay or lesbian". Obama 'evolves,' Romney 'flip-flops'. Mission accomplished: "The campaign has seen another week elapse where the Obama economy was not front and center". "Economy forgotten as controversy roils White House race". Chicago boys: "For Obama, It's About the Children". Gag. Just like Rahm!

"The economy". 4%: On the supposed insanity of Romney's aspirational "new normal" of 4% unemployment, see 15 U.S.C. §1022a (b) at "... 4 per centum among individuals aged sixteen ..." (hat tip beowulf). R video: "When you graduate from college, it's hard to find a job". Title: "Don't make bad choices." Like in 2008? College Republicans, who sponsored the video, tell the or at least some truth. Incroyable.

Julia (Obama campaign's composite cartoon woman). Q: Is Julia gay? A: Sure, if that's expedient. D'oh. A more interesting question: Is Julia an atheist? Quelle horreur!

Robama. Betty White says she favors on presidential candidate in 2012: Obama. Obama winning investors by 49%-38% against Romney in poll. Newsweek cover: Obama 'first gay president'. (Oh, come on. Anybody remember "This is what a feminist looks like"? No?) And Obama's To Do list is the most pissant list of pathetic policy proposals since "school uniforms."

"The narrow path to victory". Let's make an electoral map of Romney's narrow path to victory! Key assumption: The political map is stable, like a Flash graphic. "The political map can shift sharply between elections, even those featuring incumbents, as it did between 1976 and 1980 and between 1988 and 1992". To be fair, I suppose it's a good deal cheaper to have some new media grad to do an interactive map than it is to do actual reporting. (And see request to readers below.)

WI recall (swing state). 10 burning questions, answers about WI recall elections. Barrett (D): "[Walker] has had 16 months to divide and conquer this state. I will end the civil war that he started". More than 600,000 Rs came out to vote for Walker even though had no real threat. The "civil war" ends how, exactly? Jobs, maybe, since R Walker promised to create 250,000 private sector jobs by 2015, and so far has created 5,600. But Barrett taking the Unity Pony out for a drag? I don't think so. Meanwhile, the national Ds are going to help by "educating and registering" voters. I know that GOTV is important, but... Hey, I know Ilya Sheyman's people! Should we give them a call?

CO (swing state). Erie, CO passes a gas drilling moratorium. And check out this FB logo from Longmont, CO ROAR (hat tip alert reader MR). Neither Robama nor Obomney (pro-Keystone, pro-fracking) have anything to say about local opposition to resource extraction. It's off the table! "Let's start drilling again," said Erich Feigel, chair of the Broomfield County Rs. "Stop this nonsense with windmills and solar power. It doesn't work". Meanwhile, just in case anybody thinks the Ds are any less delusional than Feigel, the Obama campaign adds "clean coal" to its website after R beat down. "Clean coal." "Military intelligence." "Living dead."

AZ (swing state). "Some attendees said they heard Paul supporters chanting outside that Mitt Romney is "the white Obama".

Ladies of negotiable affection. Hilariously, the DHS Senate Hearings will be chaired by Al Gore[genuflects]'s choice for VP, Joe Lieberman. Key signals in Lieberman's carefully crafted statement: "... what happened at Cartagena .... the Colombian scandal ... that nothing like this ...". Translation: The exception, not the rule. A one time thing. A few bad apples. Not. "The way they approached this, it seems obvious that they were used to doing it, because people who do this for the first time are very shy". Look, who you gonna believe? Joe Lieberman or Dania Londono Suarez?

Ron Paul. "Physical confrontation" between Paul and Romney supporters at OK R state convention. Paul supporter Lukus Collins: "I would find that pretty difficult (to vote for Romney). You know, I don't see a lot of difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama," Collins said. Houston Chronicle: Nice Paul wrap-up in . Salon: "Ron Paul's Chaos Threat." Reach me my pearls, I'm a headin' for the faintin' couch!

Libertarian Party Libertarian Party nominates Gary Johnson, Jim Gray. Johnson is a former NM governor (R), and one of America's highest ranking elected officials to advocate legalizing marijuana. But that's off the table!

Occupy. An LTE from the The Calvert Recorder in southern MD: "The overall message of the Occupy protests, if there is only one thing to say, is what has been said by the dissident for centuries: That a different world is possible". Amen.

* 117 days 'til the Democratic National Convention ends with 'Smores toasted on flaming piles of confetti and straw hats on the floor of Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. Cross-posted to Corrente. The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk was a single-seat, twin-engine stealth ground-attack aircraft formerly operated by the United States Air Force (USAF).

READERS: Again, here are the swing states: AZ, CO, FL, IA, MI, NV, NH, NM, NC, OH, PA, VA and WI. I'm very interested in any local or state links you can send me from those states; original reporting, not wire services stuff. Now I have help with CO thanks to MR, but there are more!

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