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D - 108 and counting*

Why, man, they did make love to this employment. William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act V, Scene 2

NATO summit. Bridgeport Raid marks the first time state prosecutors have used the Illinois Terrorism law to prosecute individuals. Never let a crisis go to waste. "Were the three Bridgeport suspects targeted because of a candid video they shot and released the previous week, showing CPD officers searching their car and intimidating them as they entered Chicago"?

Montreal. Protests and Marches on Day 100 of the Quebec student protests (red square movement). "Our streets!" Montreal represents (picture). "A river of red-clad protesters" (remarkable, since Quebec's national color is blue.)

Bill 78, provincial law suppressing student protest increased civil resistance, as all walks of life join. "Coalition of 140 community groups and unions encouraged people to join the demonstration to denounce the tuition increases and the legislation" (italics mine). "People in central Montreal neighbourhoods appeared on their balconies and in front of their houses to defiantly bang pots and pans in a clanging protest every night at 8 p.m." (Pots and pans as in Argentina.) "We are all criminals," crowd chants. Arrêtez-moi, quelqu’un! (Note red squares on the site.) "I've lived through a lot of big moments in Quebec history, this one feels like it ranks near the top a middle aged woman says." "Montreal transit union announces they will no longer drive buses being used to transport police." "Dramatic video circulating online of police pepper spraying protesters and bar patrons likely didn't help matters." Bar patrons?! Good one, SPVM!

Interestingly, Montreal is a leader in one central cultural tendency: Indie music. So I can't help but think the impact of the Montreal red square movement will leap the border, heading south. For example: A bolt of crimson felt used to make red squares rolled out, red-carpet style, in Washington Square, Manhattan (picture).

For students, the issue is "not tuition, but debt"; "tuition" is the mainstream frame (good overview from reader Francois). So, jubilee?

AK. D primary: Obama 60%, Wolfe [Unknown] 39% (40 of 75 counties reporting). Wolfe web site: "Peace and Prosperity, Not War and Austerity." Ds: "Mr. Wolfe has been completely non-compliant with Arkansas's Delegate Selection Plan."

CA. May 22, U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson grants injunction against California’s January deadline for newly-qualifying parties to get on the ballot, for Constitution Party and Justice Party.

CO (Swing State). Microcosm of Obama coalition: "[Y]oung people, minorities, and socially liberal upscale whites, especially suburban women" (Axelrod). "A small group of mothers and children from Erie, CO [presented] a petition [to Encana] signed by 21,000 people demanding that the energy giant forgo a planned natural gas drilling site near elementary schools and an adjoining neighborhood."

KY. D primary: Obama 58%, Uncommitted 42%.

MI (Swing State). State Court of Appeals rules that the review teams that recommended Emergency Managers for Detroit and Flint were not subject to the Open Meetings Act. The court ruled that they are not a “governing body” so they are exempt from the requirement. Click through and read on 'til you get to "clown show."

NY. Review of Under the Surface: "[G]as companies try to be nice at the beginning of the process but the rest of their story is pretty completely about power. The regulators may come off even worse... It's less that they're personally evil, but more that they largely fail to do their job." Or not!

OH (Swing state). R Senate passes House Bill 473 to comply with the Great Lakes Compact, puts in place a permitting program and sets withdrawal limits for businesses wishing to draw Ohio water from the lake's watersheds. D amendments to give plain citizens standing rejected.

PA (Swing state). Fracking backgrounder: I, II, III.

RI. Jamestown Op-Ed on local police: "We do not want to be motivated by fear.... Officer Ted Hebert: “It can be stressful because you want to bring violations back to the station.” Indeed! Outlier, or zeitgeist indicator?

WI (swing state). WI crude oil pipeline would increase flow 40% under Enbridge Inc. proposal. Enbridge’s announcement "reveals their true plans – to bring tar sands to Montreal, Quebec where tar sands can easily be shipped southward into New England" (Trailbreaker). Walker's Deer Trustee: "Public Game Management Is The Last Bastion Of Communism" (he runs "deer parks" in TX).

Ladies of Negotiable Affection. Not just the SS. DEA. Sen. Susan Collins: “It’s disturbing that we may be uncovering a troubling culture that spans more than one law enforcement agency.” So how about the supervisors and department heads?

Inside Baseball. Hillary veep trial balloons: "If Obama were to attempt this, how would he explain it?" (Her polls.) Anatomy of an Ad: "Basketball." A "delicate balance...." Oh noez! News apps. Sigh. Why not reporting instead of gimmicks?

Romney. Ann Romney on dressage: "When I was so fatigued that I couldn't move, the excitement of going to the barn and getting my foot in the stirrup would make me crawl out of bed." This is good! But here's a proposition: "Like some other good things, it only remains good if it is not possessed by too many people" (Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant). Does our political class agree, or disagree? There are a great many people in the world who are fatigued, after all. Are they somehow lesser humans than Anne Romney?

Obama. "The Obama campaign says a surrogate’s use of the word “raping” to describe Mitt Romney’s actions at his private-equity firm, Bain Capital, is inappropriate." Sure, say it then walk it back. Pierce inside OHQ in Chicago's Prudential Center: "We live garrisoned lives, so why should our politics be any different?" Important, atmospheric post from a keen observer. (I won't use the word "bunker," but feel free to think it.)

Booker/Bain flap. Obama team probably figured on a fundraising backlash from some private-equity donors. However, D "lawmakers have noted that Obama’s campaign has not yet committed to transferring money to Democratic congressional campaign committees." So Booker wasn't an outlier, but a wannabe factional leader? Then again, "Jonathan Lavine is a long-time Bain Capital executive and co-owner of the Boston Celtics. He is also one of President Obama’s most prolific fundraisers." Obama: "My job is to take into account everybody, not just some." Well, for some definition of "everybody."

* 108 days 'til the Democratic National Convention ends with a feast of oysters, bread, and butter garnished with pepper and vinegar on the floor of the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. The number 108 is used in Islam to refer to God.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Ok, partly amused. Because I know a chunk of that is people who just can't bring themselves to vote for the black guy, but I also know that a LOT of Dems here are disgusted with Obama for being a right winger, like me.

The result that scares me more. No Republican even bothered to run for Commonwealth's attorney. That's a position with a lot of power, it was an open race with no incumbent. I don't know if it's because they felt they had NO chance at winning it, because a TP Repub could do a lot of damage to progressive causes in that position. I feel that a lot of Repubs in my area feel like government isn't even worth trying to work with.

Submitted by lambert on

"I feel that a lot of Repubs in my area feel like government isn't even worth trying to work with."

Sounds like they should get together with the Black Bloc, but I don't think that's what you meant. Can you give some concrete detail?

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Submitted by Aeryl on

It's the Commonwealth's Attorney for the county, not the state's attorney, which changes my perception a bit.

It still a pretty powerful position, but I can see now why a Repub would sit out, as this is a pretty heavy Dem leaning area in a Repub state.

But to expound on your question, it's more just that the political climate has gotten even more polarized around here. I know a big strategy for the Republican party was to run a ideologically friendly candidate in EVERY race for a long time, but now the boots on the ground, so to speak, don't want to do that anymore. Instead they are getting angrier(the bumper sticker rhetoric around here has gotten insane, very eliminationist, the way all these anti-Obama stickers incorporate his logo is frightening to me for some reason), and less likely to appreciate a need for compromise. I can honestly see many of the TP types I know choosing to stockpile guns(and the way the gun stores shamelessly play off racist fears, chanting "CHANGE is coming so buy your guns now", makes my blood run cold) and go underground, militia style, than deciding to engage in a battle of ideas. It's like the truly believe now that there is nothing in this country worth saving.

Submitted by lambert on

I've recently been rereading Richard Evan's The Coming of the Third Reich. There are eerie similarities, but many differences, too.

So far, nothing like that up here (that I know of, and I think I would now. The frontier isn't quite closed; we have "the unorganized territories").