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D – 106 and counting*

“The erosion of our confidence in the future is threatening to destroy the social and the political fabric of America.” –Jimmy Carter, July 15, 1979

NATO. “The Chicago police were not hanging their hats on credentialing. They pretty much let anybody and everybody walk around and take all the pictures and video that they wanted.”“Gloves” and “Mo”.

Occupy. OWS and the OWS Librarians file a federal lawsuit against Bloomberg, the City and the NYPD for the roughly 3,600 books that were confiscated—nearly 2,800 of them destroyed in a police raid on Zucotti Party November 17, 2011. OccupyHouston reboots, albeit on FaceBorg. There’s a newsletter signup.

Montreal (Printemps érable). Bill 78: “Anyone who helps or induces a person to commit an offense under this Act is guilty of the same offense.” Times Op-Ed: “Since the beginning of the student strike, leaders have told protesters to avoid violence. Protesters even condemned the small minority of troublemakers who had infiltrated the demonstrations. During the past four months of protests, there has never been the kind of rioting the city has seen” when the Canadiens win the Stanley Cup.

François-Olivier Chené, instigator of the pots and pans: “It’s a casserole frenzy here.” Hundreds of people stood at the corner of Beaubien and Christophe-Colomb in Montreal banging on their pots and pans Wednesday night to protest Quebec’s Bill 78. “[The protest] was really launched for those people, so that they could demonstrate from home, avoid big groups and still respect the letter of the law.” (Non-violent tactics lower barriers to entry.)

“A peaceful evening march that began with people festively banging pots and pans in support of protesting students ended in the early morning hours with police using the controversial “kettling” tactic on a crowd of demonstrators and arresting 518 people [of 4,000].” “Surrounded by a small army of riot police, hundreds of protesters [of 4,000] sat down on Sherbrooke Street Wednesday night and chanted ‘let’s stay peaceful’.” (“Fatigue may take its toll on police officers: expert.” Translation: Watch out!) “More than 2,500 people have been arrested in a months-long dispute … which is at least five times the number jailed during the 1970 FLQ crisis that saw martial law declared in Quebec.”

Excellent rant: “You can’t eat the butter and keep the butter money.” Translation: It’s student debt, not student fees. (Hat tip Francois for this super source.)

AL. Petition to protect Talladega National Forest from from fracking.

CO (Swing State). Top independent state pollster: “We’re not looking at a guy who’s at 52 percent approval ratings…. [T]he level of anxiety is just about as high here as any place else.” Boulder County Commission voted to place a one-year ban oil and gas development last month. Longmont already voted against more stringent regulations. (MR; Longmont correction MR)

FL (Swing State). Obama’s campaign is leafleting the Miami neighborhood near Dade Behring plant ultimately closed on Bain’s watch. Ouch.

ID. Dynamis application for a waste to energy plant at the Ada landfill looks like it is quickly evolving into a regional tire disposal plant; within 5 years “tipping fees” [the revenue] at the dump will go to Dynamis.

IA (Swing State). Obama calls Romney’s claims that his policies have increased debt, in his words,“a cowpie of distortions.”

IL. Patrick Fitzgerald successor: “It’s very hard to find somebody that you would really have confidence has no connections with the political class.” (Peter Fitzgerald, no relation, R who nominated Fitzgerald.

GA. The fire was the second this week at an OB-GYN office in metro Atlanta. ”

NB. “[Thompson v. Heineman] is aimed at invalidating LB 1161, which set up rules for siting pipelines. The suit contends the legislation was written specifically to help a single company, Trans Canada, contrary to the Nebraska state constitution.”

OH (Swing state). New oil and gas law requires improved well sampling (by producers) but does not permit local siting regulation through zoning.

WI (swing state). Walker currently stands a very good chance of surviving the recall. “You do not hear rank and file activists saying…‘Where’s Obama?’” A loss would be “disheartening to Democrats.” Assuming they wanted to win, yes. Long and excellent reportage in The Times on the WI recall. There are heroic figures, including Lori Compas who, against all odds, forced a recall election against the R Senate leader, and Mike Wiggins of the Lake Superior Chippewa. Sadly, the only heroic party regular is Dale Schultz (R), who cast the deciding vote against Walker’s plan to despoil the northern WI with an iron mine. Lori Compas: “He had absolute power and he used it to hurt us.” There’s a lot of that going around.

Green Party. Dr. Jill Stein wins PA Green Party presidential caucus.

Inside Baseball. Mutually incommensurate rules of thumb on polling: Paul Begala: “When the ‘right direction’ number creeps up close to 50 percent, the incumbent is going to win. At this writing, that all-important indicator is a middling 31 percent.” Crystal Ball Senior Columnist Alan Abramowitz Larry Sabato: “[T]here is strong evidence that an incumbent president’s approval rating, even several months before Election Day, has a strong relationship to the eventual outcome of the election.” CJR’s Brian E. Crowley: “Trend results are more meaningful and more likely to be accurate.” Pierce: “Whoever said this before was right — we don’t need a third party, we need a second one.”

Romney. Nooners interview: “I asked Mr. Romney the difference between the America he saw in 2008 and the one he sees now. “A much higher degree of anxiety today. People much less confident in the security of their job, less confident in the prospects for their children.” Rove’s winning formula: McCain + Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia, + Florida and Ohio + 1 more. Econospeak: “I could almost vote for a Republican who decided to both promise a more vigorous return to full employment and put forth a credible plan to get there.”

Obama. “[I]n April the Obama for America campaign placed more than 30 times as many digital ads as Romney’s equivalent operation.” “The Obama campaign’s “experiment-informed programs” [EIP] are designed to track the impact of campaign messages as voters process them in the real world [using] randomized, controlled experiments [and] microtargeting statistical models that can calculate the probability a voter will hold a particular view based on hundreds of variables.” Even so, they’re still sending me spam. “[T]he tweets [Obama] answered were all timestamped much earlier than his initial personal tweet… The questions were, then, not spontaneous, but rather likely cherry-picked by staff hours before, giving Obama ample time to prepare answers.” Shocker.

Booker/Bain flap. Obama meets with Senators: “[Bain]“is sensitive with some Democrats because they could be viewed as critiques of private equity, a source of campaign contributions for both Obama and congressional Democrats.”

* 106 days ’til the Democratic National Convention ends with bread and water on the floor of the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. 106 AD: Decebalus, King of Dacia (87–106) commits suicide, later being immortalized on Trajan’s Column.

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