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I've got the apolitical blues. And they're the meanest blues of all. --Little Feat

This Week with George Stephanopoulos hosted by Jake Tapper as told to The Bobblespeak Translations: "TAPPER: wow it’s memorial day and we’re still at war for the 11th straight year - that’s an all-time record! AUDIENCE: USA! USA!"

Montreal. "Young people are not always right. But a society is always wrong to beat them up." (Jacques Parizeau, PQ). "The NDP is professing strict neutrality." (Thomas Mulcair, NDP leader) In Montreal: "In fact, [last night's] protest seemed destined to end without a single arrest until late in the night, when Montreal police arrested two people for allegedly hitting a police horse" (oh?) "What happens is that everybody is fed up of paying, paying, paying. So the students' affair is a good way to tell the government, all the governments, that we've had enough." "The civil unrest consuming Quebec is also seizing media attention abroad — with more than 3,000 news reports from 77 different countries in recent weeks.

In Quebec City: "On the day when student leaders and the Quebec government reopened negotiations to try to break the deadlock over tuition fee hikes, police arrested close to 100 protesters and bystanders - including the negotiator for one of the student groups involved in the talks." Including BanAnarchiste, "the guy in the banana costume." (Well done that man!) Students are out of class, and have leverage since the tourist season is beginning. Desjardins, FEUQ: "I think the government is having a lot of pressure right now with all those demonstrations on a day-to-day basis," she said, "not only in Montreal anymore but in a lot of cities across the province. I think the government wants to make this stop. They tried with Bill 78, but unfortunately [for them] it’s not working." Nadeau-Dubois, of Classe: "If Madame Courchesne refuses to discuss tuition and Bill 78, I certainly doubt how much time we will spend at the table," Nadeau-Dubois told reporters prior to the start of talks.

"Lawyers [protesting Bill 78] dressed in their courtroom gowns paraded in silence from the city’s main courthouse through the streets of Old Montreal to join the nightly march.Along the route they were greeted by claps of support and people shouting “merci.” (picture)

CA. "[D] leadership and PACs donated over a million dollars to two 'incumbent' Assembly members running in super-safe Democratic districts while virtually ignoring other seats in swing districts."

CO. "'... [t]he controversial Canyon Creek eight-well natural gas site, which sits between Red Hawk and Erie elementary schools...."

IL. "Since taking office, [Rep. Mike Quigley (D)] has worked more than 40 jobs, including conducting an elementary school band, working on a garbage truck, making pinball machines, laying water pipes, fishing for Asian carp, delivering pizzas and eating lunch at a Chicago public school."

OR "[T]he conservative nature of politics in SW Oregon, the isolation, the end of a long-standing federal support program and local dependence on what are now more limited natural resources have combined in something of a 'perfect storm.'".

PA. Range Resources (fracker) sued in Washington Country: "conspired to produce fraudulent test reports that misrepresented the families' well water as good." PA's ballot signature system: "[L]ed the Helsinki Accords’ Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights... in 2006 to call the commonwealth one of the worst spots in the entire world to hold free and fair elections."

TX . Petty tyrant watch: TX honor student working two jobs, supporting siblings jailed for truancy. Judge: "If you let one run loose, what are you gonna' do with the rest of 'em?"

VA. "Loyalties are fleeting in northern Virginia." Indeed. "Hey, I’m all for helping Richmond’s creative class thrive, maybe I could make a buck out of that, but Downtown Richmond surely doesn’t need more phony deals."

WI. Milwaukee example of where "businesses committed to sustainability are taking off." You wouldn't know it from the campaigns. "Two [Madison brat festivals] shared a progressive tinge, reflecting their origins last year in the Walker protest movement. These modest alternative venues highlighted bratwursts and other treats from smaller Wisconsin-based suppliers." "The four WI state Senate recall elections on the ballot are nothing to sneeze at. Democrats need to flip just one of them to wrest control of the chamber from the GOP." "The John Doe probe has produced charges that Walker’s political confidante and frequent appointee to positions of public trust Tim Russell embezzled $20,000 from a charity intended to assist families of Wisconsin soldiers who were killed in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq." "According to an analysis by the political-money-watching Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, $3 out of every $5 raised by Walker came from outside Wisconsin. Walker's largest donors include Texas homebuilding king and Swift Boat for Veterans backer Bob Perry, Las Vegas casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, and Richard DeVos, heir to Amway fortune. A little more than $1 of every $10 given to Barrett was out-of-state campaign cash." Americans for Prosperity: "Lunch and dinner will be provided." Pass the foie gras!

Inside Baseball. Big Picture: "It seems that the latest stock quote is one of the primary drivers of the well-being of the country and a real-time reflection of the President’s efficacy." "There are lots more rich and powerful Republicans than Democrats." "[W]hen it comes down to Super PACs and the unlimited spending that has ensued, TX is easily in first place with $36.5 million." "49.1%: Percent of the population that lives in a household where at least one member received some type of government benefit," 2011 Q1. “The churches [not the Ds?!] will really have to step up to the plate and help parishioners get the voter ID required by some states.” Tardy! Chris Hayes beatdown on "hero." Honestly.

Roboma vs. Obomney. A half-dozen times [Obama] uttered the signature phrase “I see an American century” — much as Mr. Romney has promised to deliver “an American century” in his speeches.

Green Party. Roseanne Barr on Presidential Run: Two Major Parties Are a 'Bunch of Prostitutes Who Work for Big Money' (hat tip Aquifer) (I deprecate Barr's trope; it's insulting to prostitutes.) Ursula Rozum challenges in NY-24 (hat tip Aquifer). "As part of her economic platform, Rozum said that she supports an "economic bill of rights" similar to what was proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944."

Ron Paul. Precinct battles in ID: "It doesn’t take a majority to create a civil war. Just ask the South." MA: Regulars move to invalidate (Paul-dominated) caucus ballots.

Grand Bargain™-brand Catfood Watch. Simpson: "You know damn well the system was never created as a 'retirement' - it was an 'income supplement' to take care of folks working in CCC camps who lost everything in the Great Depression." Bowles: He and Simpson are "working with a bipartisan group of 47 Senators and as many House members to frame a compromise ... I believe this group will come together during the lame duck... [T]he markets will force us." Translation: Shock Doctrine. It never gets old!

Romney. The United States now has two paths forward, Romney said. He called one "the pathway to Europe." "To shrink our military smaller and smaller to pay for our social needs. The other path: "to commit to preserve America as the strongest military in the world, second to none, with no comparable power anywhere in the world." Oh, bullshit. "The dip [in the jobless rate] is mostly explained, Romney argues, by people giving up their hunt for a job because of the poor market. Such people aren’t counted as jobless." Not bullshit. But too complicated. Just say Obama's faking the numbers.

Obama. Michelle Obama sponsors Navy’s first submarine with all-female crew. Obama on sending troops into "harm's way": "I can promise you I will never do so unless it's absolutely necessary, and that when we do, we must give our troops a clear mission and the full support of a grateful nation." They all say that! Lengthy Plouffe hagiography: “Romney is thoroughly tactical. He makes whatever decision he needs to get through the next battle without respect to the war." Unlike who? "Obama formally launched his campaign this month with the message of “Forward,” but senior D says “stay tuned.” Also, too, “Winning the Future,” “A Fair Shot,” “An America Built to Last,” and “We Can’t Wait." And who can forget "Are you in?" Why not just "He whacked OBL and he can whack you, too" and have done with it?

* 102 days 'til the Democratic National Convention ends with a "Choom Fest" on the floor of the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. Orbital Vehicle 102: The space shuttle Columbia.

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