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Cuomo primaried by Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu

Pleasing, because Cuomo is another ginormous asshole. Albany Times-Union:

Arguing that "concentrated private power is choking off our economy and choking our democracy," Zephyr Teachout came to Albany on Monday to assail Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a fake progressive whose policies have contributed to income inequality.

The Fordham University law professor plans to primary Cuomo on the Democratic line after her rejection two weeks ago for the nomination of the Working Families Party, which handed Cuomo its ballot spot in exchange for his promise to work for a Democratic takeover of the state Senate, among other progressive desires. ....

She was joined by her running mate Tim Wu, a Columbia Law School professor and noted advocate for Internet neutrality. ...

Teachout, who said she explored volunteering for Cuomo in 2010, cited the governor's decision to mothball his Moreland Commission on public corruption as an example of what she described as his habit of saying one thing but doing another.

"The political system is still corrupt and rigged, and Andrew Cuomo is not only part of the broken system, he has made it worse," Teachout said, pointing to millions in campaign donation the governor has received through a loophole that allows limited-liability companies to multiply their maximum level of giving.

Teachout said she would be releasing elements of her platform in the weeks ahead, and insisted she would have sufficient financial support to press her candidacy.

"It's pretty clear to us that money's not going to be a problem," she said

Hmm. I'd like to know why not!

That said, I think splits in the legacy parties are always good, although unfortunately I missed the "Working Families" imbroglio, which I understand was quite spectactular!

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Lambert, any idea what stalled A New Way Forward in 2013?

Ms. Teachout was involved there, as were many other notables from the so-called Netroots. Her credit:

-Zephyr Teachout, Visiting Assistant Professor of Duke University, Dean Campaign

The last post on the site was written by Teachout on March 20, 2013.

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No idea about A New Way Forward? I saw Yves in the list of contributors/backers there... Any chance you can find out what happened to that initiative for it to die like it did? If Teachout was the spearhead and gave it up for personal interests, we should know. My impression was she was more of a self-promoter and attention hound but if I am wrong in my impression I'd like to know -- and the people of New York should know.

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... at least by some standards.

It looks to me like she comes from the IT wing of the Democratic "left" -- the quotemarks to mean she's comfortably in the Overton Window. A lot of them started with the Dean campaign, like Kos, and Jerome, Bowers, and the guy who designed the Dean Bat. "Creative class" types, all. She reads to me as w-a-a-y less sleazy than Kos, not that that is saying a whole lot.

I'll see what I can do on her "A New Way Forward," but if I had to guess... It's not easy to build a movement round a website. So I don't especially hold that against her.