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Cuomo goes soft on electing a NY Democratic Senate, throws Working Families Party under the bus

Boy, that's a shocker:

usiness leaders looking for some reassurance from Gov. Andrew Cuomo about his intention to campaign for a Democratic takeover of the state Senate may have walked away a little happier Friday, after the governor sought to downplay his enthusiasm for a Senate controlled by his own party.

"You have to be able to work with whoever the people of the state elect," Mr. Cuomo told reporters after delivering a speech to the Business Council of New York State's annual conference at Bolton [not King's?] Landing Friday. "That’s the highest form of doing the job."

Earlier this year, Mr. Cuomo vowed to campaign for Democratic Senate candidates as a condition of receiving the Working Families Party ballot line for his primary in September. The deal, which was brokered by Mayor Bill de Blasio, also included the governor's support for a measure to allow cities to raise their minimum wage over the state's limit.

Business groups, many of which supported the socially liberal but fiscally conservative governor, were aghast by the deal. But on Friday, Mr. Cuomo seemed to indicate that the agreement he made with the WFP was more fungible than previously thought.

Ha. I don't think they mean "fungible" (unless in the sense that, er, money is fungible). Fudgeable?

So, did DeBlasio know the deal was a scam, or not?

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