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Crowdsourcing/peer review lyrics to the tune of "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"

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Nevermind grammar, capitalization, etc.


grandma got runover by a debt deal
walking home from our house christmas eve
you could say there's no such thing as SATAN
but as for me and grandpa
we can see

she'd been drinking too much fox news
and we begged her not to not to watch the shows
and she couldn't afford her medication
and she staggered out the door
into the snow

when we found her the Christmas morning
at the scene of the attack
she had Ayn Rand in her forehead
and Road to Serfdom books in her fanny pack


now we're all so proud of grandpa
he's been taking this so well
see him in there watching Harball
drinking beer and playing cards with cousin Nell


Public ed is on the table
and the food stamps for the poor
Shared sacrifice goes back to Aztecs
But the gods of austerity always want more

I've warned all our friends and neighbors
better watch out for yourselves
they should never give a license
to a man who bails out the banks embracing hell.

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