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Criminalizing kindness

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Eric Sheptock

In Daytona Beach, FL an 86-year old woman was arrested for giving a homeless man $5.00 and a Subway sandwich. In Orlando, FL two dozen Food-Not-Bombs volunteers were arrested for defying an ordinance that only allows groups to obtain two permits per year to feed up to 25 people in the park. In Gainesville, FL St. Francis House which has the capacity to feed 250 people per day has been limited to only feeding 130. In at least one instance, they'd fed 128 people when a woman walked in with her two children. Feeding all of them would have put St. Francis in violation of the meal limit and might have caused them to lose their license to feed ANYONE.

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Especially when one reads how to pass a 'Farm Bill' which has millions for corporate farmers,etc., they decided some food stamp recipients needed to lose their benefits.

What ever happened to at least the pretension of 'provide for the general welfare'?