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Creepy, or what?

The moment of triumph:


NOTE Via Glenn Greenwald.

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the "Mission Accomplished" banner? Especially when I saw the Daily News front page .

This is probably the only time I'll have to comment on this for the forseeable future, given my RL and health issues, so I'll just cram some other thoughts in here:

Based on what I'm spotting on the subway, this is being played as Obama and the Dems passing a Historically Historic Health Care [note: NOT Insurance, but back to Care] Reform For the People, over the incredibly powerful opposition of the Right Wing. And now O and the Ds face Even More Incrediblly Powerful Opposition From The Right Wing, so all good people must flock to their aid.

Oh, and poooooor Obama, that great feminist, was FORCED to sign that Executive Order (which "we all know he doesn't really agree with, but he had no choice!")

This is the message average NYers are getting poured at them from all over, and it is the narrative they are absorbing.

How do we fight this?

I'm also curious about some of the claims being made for this bill (is it even in final form yet? Doesn't it have to go to reconciliation? Or what? Sorry, I am really pretty out of it.) - I've read the debunking of myths that was posted at FDL, but it doesn't answer quite all my questions. For example, do the regulations in it such as eliminating lifetime caps on payments apply to ALL policies or only to those that are bought through the exchanges?

I really wish I had either time or energy to pursue this myself right now. I have often in my life felt that it was a deliberate policy of our corporatist overlords to keep us so poor and busy and overwhelmed that we have no energy to fight them, and I am feeling that in a very concrete way right now. (I'd say more, but the details would "out" me in a way I'm not sure I want to be outed. Sorry to be so vague, consequently. But if things get worse, I would really have to consider going into the whole situation.)